Mark Walters: Democrats, Guns, and Truth

A protester reacts as she is arrested by Capitol Hill Police during a protest against Judg
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As America watches the Democratic Party’s machine attempt to destroy Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s reputation, the tactics employed by the left are on full display.

Those tactics have included withholding information from the Committee Chair and the American people, subverting the hearing process with frequent outbursts from themselves and outside protest groups, smearing the nominee with falsified quotes, and other disruptions of the committee hearing process. All of this is designed to defy the President whom American voters chose in 2016; a President many chose for the express purpose of keeping the Supreme Court from being infiltrated by the leftists we are now watching smear a good man and his family.

So I ask you, what does this confirmation process have to do with guns and the future of our right to bear arms besides the obvious expected pro-gun votes from the nominee himself should he be confirmed? Ask yourself that question the next time you hear a Democrat politician or leftist gun-prohibitionist say that they do not want to destroy the Second Amendment nor do they want to take away our guns. To believe that, you would also have to believe the party of gun-control currently destroying the reputation of Judge Kavanaugh would not be willing use the same underhanded techniques against those of us in the gun-owning community.

For example, we would have to assume they were not capable of making up phony names such as “assault rifles,” and lying about their use or of demonizing millions of law-abiding Americans by attacking the National Rifle Association as murderers. We would be have to be willing to accept that they would not possibly use false statistics and lump suicide numbers in with actual homicides–in an efforts to pump up crime statistics–or exaggerate the number of “mass shootings” in an attempt to ban our rights and the guns we choose for self-defense. We might even have to believe this group of Democrats would not dare tell us their goal is “gun safety” rather than gun control.

But the problem is that Democrats and their leftist supporters are already calling our commonly owned firearms “assault rifles,” exaggerating the number of mass shootings, and pawning off their entire gun control agenda as a push for gun safety. Because of this, the confirmation process Kavanaugh has faced stands as stark reminder of what law-abiding gun owners can expect should the Democrats regain control of the House and Senate in November.

Mark Walters is the host of Armed American Radio and a guest columnist for “Down Range with AWR Hawkins.”


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