Nolte: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Uses Obamacare Con to Lead Millennials Astray

care bear commie Democratic congresswoman-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, NY, (L) arrives for the 116th Congress members-elect group photo on the East Front Plaza of the US Capitol in Washington, DC on November 14, 2018. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) (Photo credit should read MANDEL NGAN/AFP/Getty Images)

It can be painful to watch the government, media, and left lead America’s young people, most especially millennials, astray. On top of being brainwashed into humorless censors and joyless puritans, the debt they are pressured to take on is beyond belief.

To begin with, there is college tuition. I graduated high school in 1984 (barely), and even during those saner times, when tuition was much more reasonable, I had no desire to go to college, primarily due to the cost. The idea of enslaving myself to a monthly payment before I even had the chance to be young and free was intolerable.

Nowadays, though, tuition costs are not only insane, a number of degrees that once required four years of study, now require five. Talk about a scam.

How sad to be in your early to mid-20s and already saddled with a six-figure debt.  It is even sadder if you hold a degree that will do you no good in the real world.

And the entire American establishment is engineered to convince teenagers to jump into this financial abyss, but only because the entire American establishment benefits.

In college, kids are politically brainwashed, which is why post-college, they are more likely than not to vote Democrat — to vote for a bigger and more intrusive government, to relish the idea of centralized control. As far as the insatiable tuition train, this is what funds these greedy left-wing universities and their staff. And then it all comes together when the crushing debt combined with the brainwashing radicalizes young people into believing government-subsidized anything (tuition, healthcare) has to be better than this.

Obviously, though, that crushing misery is not enough for far-leftists like incoming Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who is pressuring her fellow millennials to sign up for the con game that is Obamacare.

In a tweet Monday, Ocasio-Cortez wrote: “Reminder to my fellow millennials to get your act together & buy insurance before tonight’s deadline.”

“Is open enrollment a pain? Yes. Is it expensive? Yes. But it’s WAY better than being uninsured (been there) & reason enough to fight for #MedicareForAll.”

At least she doesn’t hide the true agenda behind Obamacare — t0 make health insurance so expensive people beg to put centralized government in charge of our health.

Regardless, shame on her.

Obamacare is nothing less than a con job that sucks young people dry for no valid reason.

The young and healthy do need health insurance, much less the utterly useless insurance that is Obamacare.

Not only are Obamacare’s monthly premiums obnoxiously expensive (upwards of $1,000), so are the deductibles. The chances a young person will meet the deductible are extremely low, which means that on top of paying that crippling Obamacare premium, young people are paying for their own healthcare.

Obamacare is only about wealth redistribution, to saddle the young and healthy with massive monthly premiums as a means to lower premiums for the old and sick. Originally, through the fascist mandate, the government forced you to buy health insurance. With the repeal of the mandate, you now have con artists like Ocasio-Cortez guilting and misleading young people into paying for a product they do not need.

“[I]t’s WAY better than being uninsured.”

No, no, it is actually not “WAY better than being uninsured.”

Being uninsured is WAY better because you are almost certainly going to waste thousands of dollars a year on a product you do not need. And it is worth repeating that on top of that, thanks to the deductible, you will also end up paying for whatever health care you do get.

Of course there is always the unlikely (especially for the young) catastrophic situation — a cancer, heart attack, or car accident. If that is a concern, you can either look into a catastrophic health insurance plan (low monthly premium with a very high deductible) or take the risk.

Me? I’d take the risk, and I have taken the risk.

After Obamacare outlawed my health insurance, as a grown man in my 40s, I took the risk for years.  These days, I have this as a catastrophic backup, but I still pay for all of my own healthcare out of pocket, which is a helluva lot cheaper than Obamacare.

Sorry, but there is just no way I’m going to allow the government to con or pressure me into paying for a lousy product I don’t need.

Wise up, millennails, you’re not only being hoodwinked, you’re being stripped of the joy and freedom that is supposed to come with being young.

This country would be a lot better off if millennials stopped paying their Obamacare premiums and used that money instead to fund a wild, drunken toga party — complete with a live band and strippers. In fact, we should all do that.


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