2020: Never Trumpers Praise Kamala: ‘Bubbly, Warm and Fun’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Two of the most prominent Never Trumpers gushed over Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) after she announced on Monday that she will be running for president.

The Washington Post’s so-called “conservative” Jennifer Rubin wrote that while Harris is “better known for her prosecutorial questioning on the Senate Judiciary Committee, she has come across as bubbly, warm and fun on her book tour.”

Comparing Harris to former President Barack Obama, Rubin wrote that Harris has potentially “more upside” than Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and will “be a formidable contender.”

“The comparison to President Barack Obama — a child of mixed race, a freshman senator, a charismatic speaker, an aspirational message — is obvious,” Rubin continued. “More so than Obama, however, she stresses an inclusive message, aiming for an America where everyone is ‘seen’ and feels he or she has a place. And in contrast to Obama’s cool and reserved persona, Harris radiates warmth and stresses her connection to friends, family and community.”

Rubin added that Harris’s “greatest strength, which if she is as smart as she seems should be at the center of her campaign, might be her ability to talk about politics in terms of values — empathy, fairness, personal responsibility.”

She then used Harris’s announcement to take a shot at President Donald Trump’s “degradation of his office and normalization of cruelty, bigotry and xenophobia.”

“In a country exhausted and disgusted with Trump’s degradation of his office and normalization of cruelty, bigotry and xenophobia, Harris’s description of an America we can be proud of has great appeal,” Rubin added. “We should be discussing big issues. (What does it mean to be an American?)”

Never Trump CNN pundit Ana Navarro, who has said that people do not talk about whether Harris is likable and relatable enough like they did with Hillary Clinton and are doing with Warren, said Harris will destroy the “’women are called dislikable’ sexism charge.”

“I’ve met @KamalaHarris. She’s relatable, comfortable in her skin, smart, tough & hard to put in a niche. She’s serious, but laughs easily,” Navarro tweeted. “She’s to my left on some issues. Some D’s tell me she’s not left enough. She pretty much destroys ‘women are called dislikable’ sexism charge.”



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