Watch–Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson to Actor Don Cheadle at Blexit: ‘You Will Not Silence this Black Man’

Breitbart News’s Jerome Hudson spoke at Candace Owens’ Blexit rally in Richmond, Virginia, on Sunday, where he told an audience that actor Don Cheadle has been put on notice for promoting a radical far-left organization dedicated to destroying Breitbart News. “You will not silence this black man,” said Hudson.

“Hollywood and the establishment media are terrified, and they should be — they don’t own us, and they never will,” said Breitbart News Entertainment Editor Jerome Hudson at the Blexit rally on Sunday.

“It’s also why they launch blacklisting and boycott campaigns against Breitbart News,” said Hudson, adding that even the New York Times admits that Breitbart News has robust advocacy for Israel, is not part of the alt-right, and has a good track record of promoting minorities and women to positions of power.

“But despite all that, left-wing Hollywood actor Don Cheadle wants to ruin my career,” continued Hudson, mentioning Cheadle’s recent appearance on NBC Saturday Night Live, in which the actor wore a hat with the logo for Sleeping Giants.

Sleeping Giants is a far-left political organization dedicated to destroying Breitbart News and Fox News through its launched harassment, boycott, and blacklisting campaigns. The group has even branched out into threatening advertisers.

“That is why Andrew Breitbart called this a war,” continued Hudson.

“Because the price we pay for daring to publish Don Cheadle publicly wishing for President Donald Trump to die in a grease-fire is that he shows up on NBC promoting a left-wing organization whose sole purpose is to destroy and lie about Breitbart News.”

“Well, listen up, Don Cheadle, it’s not gonna happen,” said Hudson, “We’re not going anywhere. We will be right here, exposing the truth about your beloved Democrat Party.”

“The Democrat Party that wants to push through a $93 trillion dollar Green New Deal scheme to destroy America,” continued Hudson, “The Democrat Party of AFTER-birth abortion.”

“The Democrat Party that wants to drag us back to Obama-era poverty, before Donald Trump came along and ushered in the lowest unemployment rate for black and Hispanic Americans in the history of America.”

“No, Don Cheadle, you will not silence this black man,” affirmed Hudson, “This movement for freedom has gone global and we are putting you on notice. We are not backing down.”

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