Protester Disrupts Pro-Trump Middle Eastern Women: ‘You Were Born in Another Country!’

A protester interrupted a Wednesday-morning event where the Middle Eastern Women’s Coalition called on Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) to resign, screaming “rapist” and “serial molester” about President Donald Trump to disrupt the pro-Israel women.

The elderly woman, dressed in pink with cat-eared eyeglasses pushed over her hat, had promised the group at the top of the event not to interrupt. The issue came up when a pro-Omar, Code Pink activist had to be removed for screaming with a protest sign as the event began.

“I was born here! Don’t you dare speak to me! You were born in another country!” she shouted, as organizers for the event chanted “Trump! Trump!” to counter her.

“He is the biggest misogynist pig ever. He’s a rapist. He’s a serial molester,” the woman said in her initial outburst. “You women [inaudible] women’s rights? Oh, I am gone.”

“You are all sick,” the protester yelled as she was removed. “I’m leaving, I’m leaving,” she relented to an officer stationed at the door to the event.

The Middle Eastern Women’s coalition, led by award-winning activist Rabia Kazan, gathered Wednesday morning to call on Rep. Omar to resign, listing her history of anti-semitism and support for terrorists.

The event in full can be watched here:

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