Rod Rosenstein: Saying Barr Is Misleading with Mueller Summary ‘Bizarre’

Barr and Rosenstein
Alex Wong/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein maintained that Barr is being “as forthcoming as he can” with regard to the Mueller report.

“He’s being as forthcoming as he can, and so this notion that he’s trying to mislead people, I think, is just completely bizarre,” Rosenstein told The Wall Street Journal in an interview published Wednesday. He believes the public should have “tremendous confidence” in Barr’s integrity.

“It would be one thing if you put out a letter and said, ‘I’m not going to give you the report,’” Rosenstein said. “What he said is, ‘Look, it’s going to take a while to process the report. In the meantime, people really want to know what’s in it. I’m going to give you the top-line conclusions.’ That’s all he was trying to do.”

Lat month, the Attorney General released a four-page summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s findings during his investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia. According to the summary, Mueller found no collusion with Russia but made no definitive conclusions on obstruction of justice.

Barr has suggested there may have been “improper surveillance” on President Trump’s 2016 campaign and said he was “looking into it.” He has promised to release a redacted version of the full report in April. However, Trump said early this morning, “No matter what we do or give to the Radical Left, it will never be enough!”


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