Jason Miller: ‘Joe Biden Is a Great Robin…Terrible Batman’

Biden on The View
Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television

Former Trump 2016 campaign communications adviser Jason Miller spoke to Breitbart News Daily SiriusXM radio listeners over the weekend about 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden’s weak campaign rollout.

Miller pointed to Biden’s 2020 campaign rollout video and appearance on The View television show, calling it “terrible” compared to the crowds that other Democrats have gathered for their rollouts.

Boyle pointed to Biden’s rollout video focus on the Charlottesville controversy and how those adversely impacted by it are coming out negatively in response. Miller commented that it focused on the past.

“Joe Biden is a great Robin, but he’s a terrible Batman,” Miller said in an attempt to illustrate Biden’s position in the Democrat race for the presidency.

Miller and Boyle discussed the 3.2 GDP first quarter growth number released Friday. Miller predicted that a U.S.-China trade deal would be the next boom for the U.S. economy.

Boyle detailed some of his reporting on meetings with Taiwanese officials during a recent trip to the nation and how clear it is that President Donald Trump’s tariff actions and trade negotiations with China have “completely changed the game.”

Miller suggested Trump’s reforms when it comes to China will be looked back upon as probably “the single biggest thing that people write about in history books.”

Boyle predicted that Trump’s actions viz a viz China could be seen as akin to President Ronald Reagan’s actions with regard to the Soviet Union.

The two also discussed special counsel Robert Mueller’s report detailing no collusion between Russians and the Trump campaign and briefly discussed the southern border wall.

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