Donald Trump: Nicolas Maduro Losing Control

Venezuela's Maduro says he wouldn't miss 'chance' to meet Trump

President Donald Trump reacted Wednesday to the ongoing struggle in Venezuela to oust dictator Nicolas Maduro from power.

“We are doing everything we can do, short of the ultimate, there are people that would like to have us to do the ultimate, but we have a lot of options open,” Trump told Fox Business host Trish Regan in an interview. 

Trump described the ongoing struggle for power as an “incredible mess” and suggested that Maduro was losing.

“He’s certainly run it tough, but I think he’s losing a lot of control, he really did go out and do things that are bad … horrible and unacceptable,” Trump said.

The president described President Juan Guaido leading the opposition as “very brave”

“At least we could go in and help him a little bit, and maybe a lot depending,” he said.

Trump lamented that Venezuela was very rich with oil resources, but was mortgaged out to China and Russia.

“They just sucked money out of everybody, it’s just a terrible situation,” he said.

Trump said that the country was ruined, and would have to ultimately negotiate out of debt.

“Essentially it’s called a country foreclosure,” he said, before adding many people told him Hugo Chavez was likely worse than Maduro but pointed to socialism as the ultimate system devastating the country.

“It’s really a failure of socialism, and I don’t know maybe this is beyond socialism, now they are talking about it for our country, I can’t believe it’s real,” he said.


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