Gov. Andrew Cuomo Signs ‘Green Light Bill’ Allowing Illegal Alien Driver’s Licenses

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Holds Media Briefing
Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Democrat New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the “Green Light Bill” into law on Monday evening, allowing people residing in the country illegally to obtain driver’s licenses.

The law would allow those who are not in the U.S. legally to obtain a New York driver’s license at the cost of the taxpayer, CBS New York reported.

The legislation passed the state Senate Monday evening by a 33–29 vote, with both sides giving emotional arguments. Cuomo signed the bill even after he asked the state’s civil attorney, Solicitor General Barbara Underwood, to look at the bill for any legal weaknesses.

“You could create a database for the feds to use to actually track down undocumented people,” Cuomo said on WAMC radio. “California passed a law, and they are now in litigation.”

Although the bill has been signed into law, it does not have wide support among New Yorkers. A Siena College poll showed more than 50 percent of New Yorkers did not want illegal aliens to obtain driver’s licenses. Many critics of the bill say the identification could be used as an unlawful way to gain citizenship.

But many supporters of the legislation say the bill will make things safer for New Yorkers by helping the economy grow, keeping uninsured drivers off the road, and generally making things safer.

The law would take effect over the next 180 days, allowing illegal aliens to obtain the ID cards as soon as December.



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