Donald Trump: Google ‘Trying to Rig the Election’

donald trump google

President Donald Trump reacted Wednesday to reports of Google’s efforts to suppress conservatives online.

“Let me tell you, they’re trying to rig the election,” Trump said during an interview with Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo. “That’s what we should be looking at.”

Trump referred to a Project Veritas report exposing Google executive Jen Gennai for discussing whether they could manipulate their algorithm to prevent a Trump victory.

“I tell you what, they should be sued, because what’s happening with the bias, and you see it with that executive from Google, the hatred for the Republicans,” he said. “It’s not even like, ‘Gee let’s lean Democrat,’ the hatred.”

Bartiromo asked Trump how he planned to fight the political bias of the biggest tech companies in America.

Trump demurred but admitted that possible regulatory legislation was necessary.

“You may need legislation to create competition,” he said.

Trump acknowledged that Europeans and the European Union were already suing tech companies for various reasons.

“We should be suing Google and Facebook, perhaps we will,” Trump said.

The president said executives at Google were liberal Democrats and would try to stop his supporters in 2020.

“These people are all Democrats, it’s totally biased toward Democrats,” Trump said.

He criticized Twitter for cutting and slowing the count of his Twitter followers, making it harder for supporters to find him.

“Twitter is just terrible what they do,’ he said.


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