Chris Cuomo’s Top ‘Fredo’ Moments on Instagram

Chris Cuomo Insta Curly Hair
Instagram/Christopher C. Cuomo

CNN’s Chris Cuomo appears to have experienced a number of “Fredo” moments, as documented by his public Instagram, despite his insistence that he should not be associated with the nickname, which he considers offensive.

Cuomo is under fire for using profanity and threatening violence after a man referred to him as “Fredo.” Video shows Cuomo raging and comparing the nickname to the “N-word,” which surprised many, as many media personalities – including guests on Cuomo’s CNN show – have used the term in the past. It appears, though, that Cuomo has had a share of his very own “Fredo” moments, as his Instagram shows.

1. “The grind is the only glory”:

2. “This is multitasking for a real man”:

3. “Watch this strut. Oh yeah. Oh yeah”:

4. “LL Cool J said, ‘Don’t call it a comeback. I’ve been here for years'”:

5. “Am I too jacked in this suit?”:

6. “Caesar Romero wanted his hair back”:

7. “Let’s get after it!”:

8. “Smile on my face”:

9: “Double the trouble”:

10. “So we mush it down like this”:

11. “#LetsGetAfterIt”:

12. “NEW MUG-SHOT!”:

13. “Everybody doing ‘it’s the weekend!’ dance?”:

14. “So yesterday I sacrificed form for frivolous concern of more weight”:



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