Catholic League Slams Kamala Harris’ ‘Lust for Abortion’

Democratic presidential hopeful California Senator Kamala Harris speaks during the third Democratic primary debate of the 2020 presidential campaign season hosted by ABC News in partnership with Univision at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas on September 12, 2019. (Photo by Robyn Beck / AFP) (Photo credit should read ROBYN …

The Catholic League has issued a stinging indictment of Kamala Harris’ plea for more discussion of reproductive rights, saying she has a “fixation” with aborting babies that borders on “lust.”

On Friday, Catholic League president William Donohue noted that following Thursday’s Democrat debate, Sen. Kamala Harris criticized ABC panelists for not asking about abortion.

The debate, Harris lamented, “was three hours long and not one question about abortion or reproductive rights.”

While every single Democratic presidential candidate is pro-abortion, “if there were a first prize for lusting over abortion, Harris would surely be the winner,” Dr. Donohue observed.

Indeed, Harris has left a well-marked trail of pro-abortion agitation.

As California’s Attorney General, Harris “bludgeoned” pro-life activist David Daleiden, Donohue said, after Daleiden employed undercover videos to expose how Planned Parenthood harvests and sells the body parts of aborted babies.

“Harris authorized her office to raid his home: they seized his camera equipment and copies of revealing videos that implicated many of those who work in the abortion industry,” Donohue said.

This year, Harris “defended abortion at any time during pregnancy, right up until birth,” he added, as well as trying to subject state laws on abortion to the Department of Justice, in an effort to keep renegade pro-life states from passing restrictive laws without federal approval.

“Quite frankly,” Donohue concluded, “it is not normal for anyone to have such an extreme fixation on aborting babies. That Harris touts herself as a champion of social justice makes her obsession with abortion all the more sickening.”


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