Medal of Honor Recipient ‘Laughed’ at Hero Dog Photoshop amid Leftist Furor

Anti-Trump leftists reacted negatively on Twitter Wednesday to President Trump's tweet of a photoshopped image honoring the hero dog that chased Islamic State (ISIS) founder and leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, into a tunnel.

Medal of Honor recipient James C. McCloughan, whose image was replaced by the hero dog who chased down Islamic State (ISIS) founder and leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in a photo tweeted by President Trump, was not offended by the alteration and “laughed,” according to reports.

Trump set social media ablaze on Wednesday after tweeting an obviously photoshopped image, depicting him honoring the hero dog who chased al-Baghdadi into a tunnel, prompting the terrorist’s suicide:

The image, reportedly created by Daily Wire, drew fury from leftists, who raged on social media. Some members of the media attempted to “fact-check” the image, claiming that the dog was not, in fact, honored at the White House.

“I’ve requested details from the @WhiteHouse on this photo. There was no such canine event on today’s @POTUS schedule but there is a Medal of Honor ceremony set here for later today for an active duty Green Beret,” Voice of America White House bureau chief Steve Herman wrote, later confirming that it is, in fact, a photoshopped image:

The original image depicts the president honoring James C. McCloughan “a retired Army medic who is credited with saving the lives of 10 men during the war in Vietnam,” as the New York Times reports:

Many were outraged, accusing Trump of disrespecting McCloughan:

However, McCloughan was not bothered by the photo and even laughed about it, according to the New York Times:

In a phone interview on Wednesday, Mr. McCloughan, 73, who had not seen the image before a reporter sent it to him, said that he interpreted it as Mr. Trump recognizing the dog’s heroism. He certainly was not offended and laughed when he compared the two images.

After all, he said, Medal of Honor recipients accept on behalf of their entire teams, especially those that did not return from battle. And canines have long been part of war efforts.

“This recognizes the dog is part of that team of brave people,” he said.

WWMT reporter Mike Krafcik also spoke to McCloughan, who reiterated that he takes no offense.

“I’m not offended by another hero,” McCloughan stated, according to Krafcik:

According to Trump, the hero dog “Conan” will visit the White House next week:


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