Florida Voters: Impeachment Has ‘Galvanized Our Support’ for Trump

ORLANDO, FLORIDA - JUNE 17: Supporters turn out hours before U.S. President Donald Trump is to appear at a rally to officially announce his 2020 reelection bid at the Amway Center on June 18, 2019 in Orlando, Florida. Tens of thousands of requests for tickets, according to the Trump campaign, …
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Voters in Florida say the Democrats’ partisan impeachment inquiry has “galvanized” their support of the president, with Trump supporters indicating they are more enthusiastic for his presidency now than they were in 2016.

Today aired a segment this week featuring Trump supporters in Florida who left nobody in any doubt of their intentions.

“Would you say your support for the president now is more or less than it was we first voted for him?” reporter Morgan Radford asked members of Club 45, which is described as “the largest grassroots club of Trump supporters in the country.”

No one in the group appeared to hesitate. All said they supported Trump “more” today.

“Has the impeachment inquiry changed anything?” the NBC News reporter asked.

The Trump supporters shook their heads for a no, with one man adding that the Democrats’ impeachment effort has made their support even stronger.

“It’s galvanized our support. We’re stronger than ever,” he stated.

“Even since House Democrats launched an impeachment investigation, the president’s favorability has barely wavered,” the segment continued, noting that Trump has enjoyed an average of 86 percent support from Republicans throughout his presidency.

When asked if they had ever felt such a level of passion for another president, some of the supporters said no.

“As a Jewish woman in America who previously voted liberal, he has just astounded me in every way,” one woman said.

“I mean we’ve been waiting 50 years for the embassy to be changed to Jerusalem, and I think that that shows that he’s not afraid to make the right choice,” she added, confirming that her vote for Trump marked her first time voting for a Republican.

“He made a statement at a conference one time to black America,” another voter explained, prompting a flashback of Trump asking black America “what the hell do you have to lose?”

“And that stood out to me. I have nothing to lose,” he continued, noting that unemployment for black American is “way down” and adding that his life has gotten better since Trump took office.

“Here in the president’s backyard of Palm Beach where he just declared his Florida residency some voters say an attack on the president is an attack on them,” the Today segment noted – a phenomenon that has trailed back years, bringing flashbacks of Hillary Clinton’s description of Trump supporters as “deplorables” to the forefront of minds.

“He believes in the family unit, which I think the Democrat Party wants to destroy. They always accuse us of racism – being homophobic – and it’s the furthest thing from the truth,” another Trump supporter said.

“He’s been fighting for us this whole time. We’re going to fight for him,” another Florida supporter added.

Florida, a crucial battleground state with 29 Electoral Votes, narrowly went to Trump in 2016. The president won the state by a very narrow margin – 48.6 percent to Clinton’s 47.4 percent.

The current Real Clear Politics average shows a tight race between the president and top Democrat candidates in the Sunshine State, with Trump edging out Sens. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Joe Biden besting him by two percentage points. However, as the Today segment suggests, Florida Trump supporters remain enthusiastic, signaling another competitive battle in 2020.


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