Delingpole: George Soros Donates $1 Billion to Combat ‘Authoritarianism.’ Seriously?

In this Thursday, June 8, 2017 file photo, Hungarian-American investor and CEU founder George Soros attends a press conference at the Foreign Ministry in Berlin, Germany. Central European University says it will move its U.S.-accredited programs from Hungary’s capital of Budapest to the Austrian capital of Vienna because of uncertainty …
AP Photo/Ferdinand Ostrop, file

Financier and “philanthropist” George Soros is giving $1 billion to “universities to stop the drift towards authoritarianism.”

According to the Guardian:

In what he hailed as the “most important and enduring project of my life”, Soros said it was important to fund institutions that would help resist the drift towards growing authoritarianism in the US, Russia and China. He also launched a fresh attack on Donald Trump, calling the US president “the ultimate narcissist”.


Isn’t this like King Herod setting up a charity for the defence of the first born?

Sure, Soros can’t be held accountable for the “authoritarianism” in Russia and China, but he has probably done more than any man alive to ensure its spread in the U.S. and the rest of the West.

This is why President Viktor Orban drove Soros’s Central European University out of Hungary, by stripping it of its ability to issue U.S. degrees.

Orban didn’t do it for the sheer hell of it; nor, as the left-wing media would have us believe, because he is a far-right anti-Semite.

No, Orban did it because he quite rightly understood that Soros – through his Open Society Foundations – is one of the most pernicious enemies of freedom, free speech and true liberal values in the world today.

Whether it’s encouraging mass migration or pumping up the global warming scare narrative, Soros is a lord of misrule who thrives on and profits by the chaos he provokes and clandestinely finances.

Perhaps nowhere is the damage he has done more evident than in academe. Open debate and free inquiry have largely been suppressed by intolerant, cry bully special interest groups playing the identity politics game which Soros’s Open Society Foundations has done so much to promote.

One thing is for sure: not one cent of those billion dollars will go to a single university department or course worth the candle. Race and gender studies departments and fake sciences such as ecology and environmentalism will engage in a mad scramble for the free Soros money. Old school disciplines that actually teach something of value won’t get a look in.

And imagine, Soros calling Trump “the ultimate narcissist.”

If ever there were a textbook case of projection, this is it.



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