Transcript – FBI Spy Targeting Papadopoulos: Israelis Are ‘All F***ing Spies,’ ‘Execute Them All’

Foreign policy advisor to US President Donald Trump's election campaign, George Papadopoul

A declassified transcript published on Tuesday revealed a “confidential human source” (CHS) from the FBI deriding Israelis as “fucking spies” and “fucking cocksuckers” who should be “executed” while surreptitiously surveilling George Papadopoulos two weeks after the 2016 presidential election.

The 206-page transcript captured conversation between Papadopoulos and an unidentified CHS, seemingly across one continuous episode on November 26, 2016. Papadopoulos worked as an assistant on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign

In an attached cover letter addressed to Sens. Richard Burr (R-NC), Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Lindsey Graham, (R-SC), and Mark Warner (D-VA), Assistant Attorney General Stephen Boyd credits Attorney General William Barr with making the determination to declassify the transcript.

Papadopoulos is code-named “Crossfire Typhoon” (CT) throughout the transcript and referred to as such by an unidentified FBI agent at the beginning of the transcribed recording.

The CHS is quoted as saying, “No fucking Russians here that aren’t fucking…same with the Israelis they’re all fucking spies. Those fucking cocksuckers. They should execute them all.”

“I can smell an Israeli from a mile away, dude,” said the CHS in another moment. “I can tell you who is fucking Israeli.”

The CHS joked about being extradited to Israel. “Yeah I’m-I’m saying you probably fucking…you’re probably working out a deal with them [Mossad] motherfuckers on me [to] be fucking extradited to Israel.”

When Papadopoulos said he dated an Israeli girl, the CHS disparaged Russian Jews as “fake Jews.”

PAPADOPOULOS: I-I was actually dating a girl, the numb-, the assistant to the number three Israeli Embassy.

CHS: You were dating?


CHS: Assistant.

PAPADOPOULOS: She was the assistant.

CHS: What the fuck you were dating her for?

PAPADOPOULOS:  She was probably was Mossad and that, that’s why she took a [UI].


CHS: Russian Jew, those fake Jews.

PAPADOPOULOS: No, but who was born and raised in Israel.

CHS: Yeah, she’s a fake Jew.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis highlighted the FBI spy’s transcribed remarks on Twitter:

Despite the FBI’s redaction of information, the transcript suggests the CHS associated with Islamic militants in the Gaza Strip. The following acronyms are used in the transcript portion below: SIA (source-identifying attribute), TPA (third party attribute), TPE (third party establishment or location), and UI (a segment claimed to be unintelligible).

CHS: [Speaking in accent] You know the country music? We listen to it in the country in the [SIA]. We have the country in the [SIA].

PAPADOPOULOS: What do the [SIA] want [UI]? Do they want the [SIA] or they’re, they want the whole thing and–

CHS: No, they’re going about their lives like fucking, there’s no issue. Like they can’t fucking do anything. If they do anything they’re it’s basically they’re under fucking house arrest all fucking day. They can, they can’t go further than the fucking center of the city and that’s it. There’s fucking blacks everywhere they go…like if you’re under that type of fucking like scrutiny and surveillance and fucking authority, you’re not going to fucking do shit with your life. You’re going to live a miserable fucking life. What the fuck are you going to do? You can’t–


CHS: –fucking protest or you’re going to get fucking shot. You’re going to get arrested. You’re going to get put in jail. You’re not going to fucking do anything. A lot of these [SIA] are very, like there’s some little fucking crazy cuckoo-heads. Like I know, I went to this fucking underground place where this guy showed me [SIA] in the [SIA]. I’m like I don’t want to fucking see it. They told me that’s where they stored the weapons and this…I said listen–

PAPADOPOULOS: Well that shit’s real. They do store weapons.

CHS: Some of them do. They’re waiting for like an uprising. But like I don’t, I don’t want to fucking see this. This guy comes in, he looks like a fucking like a, like a undercover militant.


CHS: Some guy my grandfather introduced me to, my great grandfather when he passed…before he passed away. And like he, he took me into coff- uh, coffee in his house and like he, there was like a bunch of men there and a couple of them had fucking like, um…those big guns what are they called? The automatic–


CHS: Oh man. I’m like how the fuck did you get those in here?

PAPADOPOULOS: Yeah how did they get them in there?

CHS: I don’t know.


CHS: E- well no they got ‘em, they have them in the [TPA]

PAPADOPOULOS: Oh that was in the [TPA]

CHS: Mm-hmm.

PAPADOPOULOS: How did they get them in there then?

CHS: And I said I don’t want to know anything, I don’t want to…I didn’t see anything. I don’t fucking talk to anybody.

PAPADOPOULOS: Because the second you say I-I know too much, you get popped. That’s why the three best words are I don’t know.

CHS: Them fucking Israelis are, are worse. Like especially if you know something they ask you something, all of a sudden you’re the fucking criminal.

Papadopoulos told the Daily Caller that the CHS is named Jeffrey Wiseman. He then told Breitbart News that Jeffrey Wiseman used to be known as Sam Owaynat, adding that he was uncertain of the exact spelling of the CHS’s original name.

The FBI claimed to have begun surveillance of the Trump campaign on July 31, 2016.

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