Ortiz & Colyer: Businesses Can Safely Reopen Using Testing, Tracing, and Innovation

Eli Resendez, left, owner of the Barber Shop 32 in Westfield, Ind. and his brother Chuy Resendez, cut hair of customers Will Gount, left, and Chad Reeh as the shop opened on Monday, May 11, 2020. Barber shops have been closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus since March …
AP Photo/Michael Conroy

American businesses can reopen safely using “strategic testing, tracing, and smart business innovations,” writes Alfredo Ortiz, the president of the Jobs Creators Network, and Gov. Jeff Colyer, MD, a practicing physician who served as the governor of Kansas.

In an op-ed for Fox Business, Ortiz and Colyer write:

To prevent the coronavirus-induced economic recession from turning into a depression, society must intelligently reopen now. Doing so safely and protecting the most vulnerable will allow Americans to return to work and provide for their families. With personal consumption making up 70 percent of the economy, reopening will also protect the American dream.   We will not go back to January 2020 B.C. (Before COVID). Instead, we must chart a new course in a COVID world where Americans can still thrive and prosper.

If we use strategic testing, tracing, and smart business innovations, we can isolate the few to protect the many instead of isolating the many to protect the few. In fact, many commercial labs, which are often small businesses, could dramatically increase daily tests by the tens of thousands.

For years businesses have used them for drug tests and other tests to protect their employees. For example, a small manufacturer can test and survey some of their employees regularly and solve a problem before it affects the whole community.

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