Watch: Rioters Assault Breitbart Reporter, Another Journalist Outside White House

Violent protesters outside the White House Saturday morning forced at least two journalists, including a reporter for Breitbart News, to flee their coverage assignments, in one of the many incidents of violent unrest sweeping across the nation.

The confrontation occurred shortly after midnight, as Breitbart’s Matthew Perdie attempted to film the protesters clashing with White House secret service.

The crowd, assembled in front of a line of officers outside the White House, turned on Breitbart’s journalist upon realizing they were being filmed. Another protester can be heard in the background recognizing him as a Breitbart employee.

Watch Breitbart’s livestream of the incident below:

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

In a video posted to Twitter of the encounter, a violent mob of about twenty can be seen physically attacking and hurling objects as Breitbart fled the scene.

The same mob of violent protesters also chased out another journalist while repeatedly chanting “F*CK FOX NEWS!”, according to a separate video posted on Twitter.



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