Planned Parenthood: ‘White Supremacy’ and ‘Systemic Bias in Policing’ Are Abortion Rights Issues

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - FEBRUARY 25: Pro-choice activists, politicians and others associated
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Planned Parenthood took the opportunity to draw attention to abortion rights as violent riots have broken out across the country in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

The abortion industry giant says the “white supremacy” and “systemic bias in policing” that “took George Floyd’s life” are the same factors involved in “attacks” on women’s abortion rights.

Planned Parenthood Black Community tweeted that “the legacy of systemic bias in policing is a public health issue,” which, to Planned Parenthood, includes the right to abortion, or “reproductive justice.”

Planned Parenthood’s Acting CEO also tweeted that “white supremacy is in the biases we hold when and how we see Black people, and how violently those biases can play out.”

Alexis McGill Johnson continued, “It’s in the over-policing of Black bodies – which has been upheld through racist systems.”

“It’s in the attacks on our bodily autonomy,” she added.

Planned Parenthood has aligned itself with Black Lives Matter, spreading the narrative that black women are denied “reproductive justice” if they cannot easily obtain abortions.

However, a 2018 report from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte found that abortion accounts for 61 percent of deaths of black Americans.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also reported that, with data collected in 2016, non-Hispanic black women accounted for 38 percent – the largest percentage of any race/ethnic group – of all abortions in the country.

Black Americans in some sectors appear to have become more aware of the devastating effects abortion has had in their community.

In November, the Church of God in Christ (COGIC), one of the largest historically black Protestant churches in the U.S., announced it had unanimously passed a resolution that affirms the value and dignity of all human life and condemns elective abortion.

COGIC joined with the pro-life Human Coalition to create the Family Life Campaign, a three-year initiative that serves to save babies from abortion.


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