***Live Updates*** George Floyd Protests

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Associated Press

George Floyd protests continue on Wednesday.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. All times eastern.

2:15 AM: Oakland, CA:


2:05 AM: Fargo:

1:50 AM:

1:45 AM: D.C.

1:40 AM: Portland, Oregon:

1:35 AM: AOC has arrived to pile on the Times.

1:30 AM: Minnesota:

1:10 AM: New Orleans: Brief “F— Drew Brees Chant”… in NOLA.

12:40 AM: D.C.

12:35 AM: New Orleans:

12:30 AM: L.A.


12:20 AM: Brooklyn:

12:15 AM: D.C. protesters apparently have some reinforcements:

11:40 PM: Oakland:

11:35 PM:

11:30 PM:

11:25 PM:

11:20 PM:

11:10 PM: S.F.

11:01 PM: D.C.

10:30 PM:

10:25 PM: L.A.

No further entries into LAPD “Gang Database.”

10:10 PM: San Francisco: “Quit your jobs!”


9:59 PM: D.C.

9:55 PM: D.C. BLM Batman

9:45 PM: L.A. Earthquake:

9:42 PM: San Francisco:

9:40 PM: New York:

9:35 PM: Orange County, CA:

9:30 PM: D.C.

9:27 PM: Bethesda, MD:


9:25 PM: Looting in L.A.

9:20 PM: D.C. Singing during coronavirus epidemic:

9:15 PM: Northern California:

9:12 PM: Santa Monica

9:10 PM:

9:05 PM:

9:03 PM:

9:00 PM: “Down payment.”

8:42 PM:

8:40 PM:

8:30 PM:

8:25 PM: Chicago:


8:20 PM: AOC still passing out masks:

8:15 PM:

8:10 PM: Minnesota:

8:05 PM: San Francisco


8:00 PM:

7:35 PM: D.C.

7:30 PM: Minnesota:

7:25 PM:

7:15 PM: D.C.

7:12 PM: Biden:

7:10 PM: Lego:

7:05 PM:

7:00 PM:

6:50 PM:



6:40 PM: Aaron Rodgers:

Saints QB Drew Brees taking a lot of heat from key teammates on defense and offense:

Broncos coach Fangio walks back remarks:

6:35 PM: D.C.

6:30 PM: NYC: “Blame racism.”

6:25 PM: Mattis:

6:20 PM: D.C. Mayor using this moment to push for statehood, “autonomy.”

6:15 PM:

6:10 PM: Philly:

6:00 PM: Media gushing… Obama “sounded” and “acted” like “a president.”

CNN’s Don Lemon immediately says this is what a president sounds like.

D.C. Who are these people?

Richmond, VA:

Media Mad at NYT:




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