Fact Check: Trump Saved TVA Workers’ Jobs from Being Outsourced to Foreign H-1B Workers


CLAIM: President Donald Trump says he helped stop a number of Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) workers from having their jobs outsourced to foreign H-1B visa workers.


“When I learned that the Tennessee Valley Authority laid off hundreds of American workers and forced them to train their lower-paid foreign replacements, I promptly removed the Chairman of the Board,” Trump said. “And now, those talented American workers have been re-hired and are back providing power to Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia.”

“They have their old jobs back,” he said.

Trump recently took major action against the federally-owned Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) for their outsourcing plans whereby executives were laying off American employees but forcing them to train their foreign replacements beforehand.

After pressure from Trump and his firing of the chairman, Skip Thompson, TVA officials said they are dropping the outsourcing plans and reviewing CEO Jeff Lyash’s $8 million salary. The move garnered much support from the TVA union and advocates against outsourcing.

“This is why America elected Trump!” attorney John Miano said. The latest Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that a majority of undecided voters support reducing immigration on the basis of protecting the jobs and wages of Americans.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder


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