Kayleigh McEnany Demands Nancy Pelosi Apologize for Maskless Hair Salon Visit

White House

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany on Thursday shamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for getting her hair done inside a salon without a mask, flouting coronavirus guidelines in San Francisco.

“Nancy Pelosi, you ought to apologize to the American people,” McEnany said at the White House press briefing. “Or better yet, come back to Washington and get to work for hardworking Americans like the salon owner that you maligned and demanded an apology from.”

McEnany played the video footage of Pelosi’s visit to the salon for reporters during the White House press briefing on Thursday afternoon.

She said Pelosi “bizarrely accused” the salon owner of trying to “set her up” by allowing the appointment to take place.

“Apparently the rules do not apply to Speaker Nancy Pelosi,” McEnany said.” She wants small businesses to stay shut down but only reopen for her convenience.”

She tied in that Pelosi’s hair salon visit was one more sign she was not serious about negotiating or delivering coronavirus aid, noting that she “skipped town to violate her state’s guidelines.”


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