Herschel Walker: ‘Don’t Be Fooled’ by BLM — Follow the Money

Former NFL star Herschel Walker on Wednesday continued his criticisms of Black Lives Matter after questioning the NFL’s support of Black Lives Matter last week.

Walker on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria” warned the public to not “be fooled” by the “Marxist” organization.

“Are we only worrying about police brutality, or are we worrying about black on black crime? Because if we are only worrying about police brutality, that means that America don’t worry about what’s happening to the African-American community because the black on black crime a whole lot worse than just police brutality, and that’s what I’m trying to wake people up to,” Walker advised. “And I think all the African-Americans today are starting to realize that — that don’t be fooled by what we are being portrayed to be.”

“I was looking at Black Lives Matter, I saw that they fund ActBlue, and I happened to look at ActBlue, which was the Democratic Party. And then I saw later on Black Lives Matter had put up a subsidy company that had partnered with a Chinese company giving them money,” the former Heisman winner added. “So, I started putting together and go, OK, Chinese company, Black Lives Matter, subsidiary and Democratic Party. So, I saw the money was going to Democratic Party but I said no one was talking about it. No one seemed to want to address the elephant in the room. And I keep hearing this about who is getting involved in our election. Well, are you not going to talk about that and no one is going to stand up say wait a minute that is not right. Why don’t we stand up to that? And I think it is time we started think abouting about those things. You know, one of the major things that I said to someone is that I am hurt because no one wants to be accountable. Everybody wants to give money, throw money at something. Why don’t you be accountable by seeing where that money is going. You know, just because you put money into something doesn’t mean going to the right place. Why don’t you track that money to see where is it going, and if it is helping anyone.”

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