Heritage Action Announces $1 Million Ad Campaign Supporting Election Integrity in Georgia

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 09: A man recieves an "I'm a Georgia Voter" sticker after casting a ballot in Georgia's Primary Election on June 9, 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. Voters in Georgia, West Virginia, South Carolina, North Dakota, and Nevada are holding primaries amid the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Elijah …
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Heritage Action, a national conservative grassroots organization, has announced a $1 million ad campaign aimed at defending and supporting election integrity in Georgia.

Heritage Action has remained at the forefront of the election integrity battle in the Peach State following the passage of the state’s latest election integrity law, SB 202, which leftists have consistently mischaracterized with misleading narratives and false assertions.

“After weeks of media spin, falsehoods from the President, and a vicious corporate smear campaign around Georgia’s new voting law, it’s time someone told the truth about the Peach State,” Jessica Anderson, Executive Director of Heritage Action, said in a statement.

“The truth is that Georgia’s new law makes it easier to vote and harder to cheat, and Georgians support the common-sense measures included in the bill,” she continued, reemphasizing the bill’s purpose of strengthening election safeguards and preserving voter access.

“Heritage Action is proud to support Gov. Kemp, state legislators, and the Georgians who made this happen,” she added.

Per the press release:

The campaign includes a $975,000 TV ad buy on CNBC and local broadcast in Atlanta and $50,000 in digital advertising in Georgia. Excerpt from the 60-second ad:

“President Biden is lying about GA’s new election reform. Even the Washington Post caught him in his lies. This new ethics law doubles early voting on weekends. Voting on two Saturdays, guaranteed. . . . To provide a pressure-free voting experience, special interest groups are kicked out of polling places, and counties can still provide water for people waiting in line. That’s the truth: read it yourself, and don’t fall for the lies by those who want to divide us.”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) is among high profile Democrats who have demonized Georgia’s election integrity law, prompting Heritage Action to fact-check his false assertions.

“The most reprehensible effort of all might be found in Georgia, where Republicans recently passed a bill to eliminate early voting on Sunday, on Sunday, a day when many churchgoing African-Americans participate in voter drives known as souls to the polls,” Schumer said during last month’s Senate Rules and Administration Committee hearing on the “For the People Act.”

In reality, the Georgia election law “actually preserves or expands ballot access in several important ways. For instance, it actually increases the mandatory days required for early voting, as Breitbart News detailed:

Democrats also claim the law eliminates “Souls to the Polls,” suppressing minority votes, but this, again, is false. Heritage Action explained the Georgia law “was silent on Sunday early voting days prior to SB 202, and in 2020 only 16 of 159 counties offered early voting on Sundays.” In reality, the law “explicitly provides the option of holding early voting on two Sundays for all localities,” thereby increasing mandatory days of early weekend voting.

Heritage Action also tackled the myth of Georgia “suppressing” votes with new voter ID requirements, noting the vast majority of registered voters, 97 percent, already have a valid form of identification and adding that one can be obtained for free.

“The voter ID requirement replaces the state’s controversial signature match program that led to the disqualification of thousands of votes in 2020,” the organization said, noting the tremendous popularity of the voter ID requirement for absentee ballots among Peach State voters, with nearly three-quarters of Georgia voters supporting it, including 63 percent of black voters.

Recent surveys suggest most Americans support basic election integrity measures, such as voter ID.


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