NRCC Poll: Republicans Projected to Regain House Majority in Midterm Elections, Pelosi Remains the Most Unpopular Politician

US Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California, holds her weekly press briefing on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, on April 22, 2021. (Photo by Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images)
Nicholas Kamm/AFP via Getty Images

An internal survey of battleground congressional seats from the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) found Republicans are poised to take back the House in the upcoming midterm elections.

The April battleground survey also found House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is the most unpopular politician in the country. Previously, the NRCC’s February polling found Pelosi was the most unpopular politician with a 41 percent favorable and a 52 percent unfavorable rating. This month, Pelosi’s image dropped to 38 percent favorable and 56 percent unfavorable. Punchbowl News reported this is in part due to Republicans who “have spent tens of millions of dollars demonizing Pelosi during the last two decades.”

Additionally, the survey also found Pelosi hits 60 percent unfavorable in “Trump/Democratic districts.” According to the NRCC press release, “Democrats in these districts are going to have an uphill battle defending their decisions to vote in lockstep with Pelosi’s socialist agenda.”

The survey was conducted between April 18-21. It consisted of 1,000 voters across 85 Battleground Congressional Districts and included an oversample in 16 ticket-splitting districts. Polling was conducted 65 percent over a cell phone, 15 percent from a landline, and 20 percent online.

Republicans continue to show they are in a good position to regain the House majority in the midterm elections. In ticket-splitting districts, the survey found 54 percent want “a Republican who will be a check-and-balance to Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats’ agenda in Congress.” Just 41 percent want “a Democrat who will help Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats pass their agenda in Congress.”

Moreover, the NRCC poll showed Democrats misplaced their faith in the improving economy to maintain the House majority and the presidency. Of the voters surveyed, a majority put their trust in “Republicans over Democrats in Congress on jobs and the economy.” The voters overall said they support Republicans by five more points. Forty-six (46) percent supported the Republicans, while only 41 percent supported the Democrats. When Independents were asked, 42 percent put their trust in Republicans over 31 percent in Democrats.

The NRCC memo said, “Democrats’ signature piece of legislation, a partisan COVID bill, is coming up small. A majority (57%) of voters do not believe that President Biden’s COVID-19 stimulus is helping them and their family.”

Furthermore, when asked about the southern border, 75 percent of voters see the border situation “as a crisis or a major problem,” and only 23 percent say “the situation at the border is a minor problem or not a problem at all.” Immigration and border security are one of Biden and Congress’s most pressing issues according to the survey. Since the NRCC’s February survey, concerns regarding the border have more than doubled from 11 percent to now 28 percent:

The released memo detailed growing Republican support as more voters learn about wasteful spending by the Democrats. The NRCC also cited an overwhelming majority of Independent voters who will be less likely to vote for Democrats the more one-sided votes the party takes on major issues.

A supermajority (72 percent) of Independents are less likely to vote for “a Democrat who supports two trillion dollars in wasteful spending that funds Democrat pet projects without any accountability or transparency for how the money is spent.” Also, a remarkable 71 percent of Independents are less likely to vote for “a Democrat who voted for a 2.3 trillion-dollar infrastructure plan that spends 93% on things OTHER than improving our roads and bridges.”

Also, 69 percent of Independents are less likely to vote for “a Democrat who supports two trillion dollars in wasteful spending that will drag down hourly wages over the next ten years.” 68 percent of Independents are less likely to vote for “a Democrat who voted for a bloated and expensive infrastructure bill that could cost the United States one million jobs in the first two years.”

Mike Berg, an NRCC spokesperson, commented in a statement, “Democrats’ dangerous socialist agenda is providing the perfect roadmap for Republicans to take back the majority.”


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