Kamala Harris on Not Visting U.S. Border: ‘I’ve Been to the Border Before’

Kamala Harris
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Vice President Kamala Harris shrugged off questions about why she has yet to visit the United States-Mexico border, months after being put in charge with stemming illegal immigration, saying she has been to the border in the past.

While fielding questions from the media in Mexico on Tuesday, Harris was asked again why she has not visited the U.S.-Mexico border despite having been put in charge of the ongoing illegal immigration crisis in late March.

Harris told the media that she has already been to the southern border and said she would go again but did not give a date as to when such a trip would occur.

“I’ve been to the border before, I will go again,” Harris said. “But when I’m in Guatemala, dealing with root causes, I think we should have a conversation about what’s going on in Guatemala.”

During a press conference in Mexico, Harris said again that she has already visited the U.S.-Mexico border and suggested she would visit again but refused to give a date.

“Yes, I will and I have before and anybody,” Harris said when asked if she would visit the southern border. “… I’ve spent a lot of time on the border both physically and aware of the issues.”

For months, Republican and Democrat lawmakers have urged Harris to visit the U.S.-Mexico border to see firsthand the level of illegal immigration that federal immigration officials are handling on a daily basis.

While in Guatemala on Monday, Harris suggested that visiting the southern border was merely “grand gestures” when asked why she had not yet visited the border while embarking on a trip to Central America and Mexico instead.

“I came here to be here on the ground to speak with the leader of this nation around what we can do in a way that is significant, is tangible, and has real results, and I will continue to be focused on that kind of work as opposed to grand gestures,” Harris said.

In 2018, though, Harris visited the southern border to blast former President Trump’s enforcement measures that helped create a legal and physical wall to drastically cut illegal immigration to the U.S.

Since Harris was put in charge of the initiative, likely hundreds-of-thousands of border crossers have been apprehended at the U.S.-Mexico border. Many are eventually released into the U.S. interior by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

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