Ted Cruz Calls for Anthony Fauci to Resign

WASHINGTON, DC - MAY 26: From left: Senator Roy Blunt (R-MO), Dr. Diana Bianchi, director
Sarah Silbiger-Pool/Getty Images

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Tuesday announced Anthony Fauci should resign, calling him more a “two-bit politician than a scientist.”

Cruz was asked about his thoughts on Fauci when appearing as a guest on the Michael Berry Show. Berry asked, “What about Anthony Fauci’s involvement in all this? Does he have to go, and does it have to go, and does he have to go yesterday?”

Cruz quickly responded, “yes” to his involvement, “yes” he has to go, and “yes” he should have been gone yesterday.

“You know, Fauci’s behavior,” Cruz said, also mentioning, “in the last couple of weeks, about 3000 emails from Anthony Fauci that were released.”

“I gotta say, it’s deeply dismaying. This is someone that had a position of enormous responsibility in the government, during a time of great peril during a time of a worldwide pandemic,” the Texas Republican said.

Cruz explained that the emails showed the world how Fauci has really been behaving, calling him “more like a two-bit politician than a scientist.”

Cruz added that Fauci “was saying whatever was politically convenient. He was saying whatever the Democrats wanted, said at the time, and the science was secondary.”

“So on masks,” he clarified, “when he initially said masks were not very helpful. That’s what the science told him. But then the politics said, let’s have everyone wear masks.”

“He would criticize any governor that opened their states, governors like Texas and Florida. But he had no words of criticism for the blue state governor sending people with COVID in the nursing homes and killing tens of thousands,” added Cruz.

Cruz said once more Fauci was not scientific at all, but he was being political, which Cruz said is “completely unacceptable.”



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