Dick Durbin Boasts ‘Demographics of America’ Making GOP Less Electable

WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 6: U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) speaks at a news conference about President Donald Trump's decision to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program at the U.S. Capitol September 6, 2017 in Washington, DC. Democrats called for action on young undocumented immigrants that came …
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Sen. Dick Durbin (D-IL) boasted on the United States Senate floor on Monday that the “demographics of America” driven by mass legal immigration is making the Republican Party increasingly unelectable.

During a speech on the Senate floor, Durbin accused Republicans of trying to restrict American citizens from voting, bragging that the nation’s “new voters” — those who are foreign-born and have secured naturalized American citizenship — are making it more difficult for the GOP to get elected in certain states and nationwide.

“Republicans, when in control of state legislatures, are by design trying to make it more difficult for some people to vote. Why? The answer is very simple,” Durbin said. “The demographics of America are not on the side of the Republican Party.”

“The new voters in this country are moving away from them, away from Donald Trump, away from their party creed that they preach, and instead, they’re moving to be independents or even vote on the other side,” Durbin continued.

President Joe Biden, in early February, signed an executive order specifically designed to boost legal immigration levels by ordering federal agencies to increase U.S. naturalization rates.

In April, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) accused Biden of attempting to “remake the demographics of America” via legal immigration to create an electorate that keeps Democrats in constant power.

Already, the U.S. naturalizes hundreds of thousands of legal immigrants every year. In 2019, for instance, more than 843,500 legal immigrants became naturalized citizens — an 11 percent increase from the year before when nearly 762,000 legal immigrants became naturalized citizens.

Legal immigrants from Mexico dominate the naturalization process, as well as nationals from India, the Phillippines, China, and Cuba. California, with nearly 150,000 newly naturalized citizens in 2019, has the highest rate of any state in the country. Texas had 97,675 naturalizations in 2019, while Florida had more than 96,000 naturalizations in 2019.

Data over the last few election cycles have repeatedly shown the impact that a growing foreign-born voting population has in terms of electing Democrats over Republicans. In 2020, about 1-in-10 U.S. voters were born outside the country, the highest rate since 1970.

A significant increase in naturalization rates ahead of the 2022 midterms and the 2024 presidential election could deliver big gains for Democrats as margins in a number of swing states have been small over the last two presidential elections. In Pennsylvania, for example, Biden won the state by fewer than 81,000 votes.

The Washington PostNew York Times, the AtlanticAxios, the Los Angeles Times, and the Wall Street Journal have all admitted that rapid demographic changes because of immigration are tilting the nation toward a permanent Democrat dominance.

“The single biggest threat to Republicans’ long-term viability is demographics,” Axios acknowledged last year. “The numbers simply do not lie … there’s not a single demographic megatrend that favors Republicans.”

In the 2016 presidential election, for example, Republican Donald Trump won 49 percent of native-born Americans to Democrat Hillary Clinton’s 45 percent, according to exit polling data. Among foreign-born residents, though, Clinton dominated by garnering 64 percent of naturalized citizens compared to Trump’s 31 percent.


Current legal immigration levels are expected to bring in 15 million new foreign-born voters by 2041. About eight million of those voters will have arrived entirely due to the process known as “chain migration” whereby newly naturalized citizens can bring an unlimited number of foreign relatives to the U.S.

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