Nolte: Incompetent Joe Biden Can’t Even Protect the White House from the Coronavirus

U.S. President Joe Biden replaces his face mask following an Equal Pay Day event in the South Court Auditorium in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building on March 24, 2021 in Washington, DC. Highlighting the gender pay gap, Equal Pay Day raises awareness that women in the United States earned $0.82 …
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If His Fraudulency Joe Biden cannot protect the White House from the coronavirus, how can we expect him to protect us?

Well, as we now see with all the new infections across the country and the return (and threatened return) of mask mandates, Biden cannot protect us. He’s failed spectacularly at combating the China Flu, and there is no better example of his incompetence than the recent breakout of the coronavirus at the White House.

According to White House press secretary Lyin’ Ginger, there have been “breakthrough cases” (plural) among administration officials.


If the Biden White House were the least bit competent, this never would have happened.

There’s little doubt these “breakthrough cases” are the result of all the Typhoid Marys from Texas — this gang of anti-democracy Democrat lawmakers who fled the Lone Star state to ensure no laws to protect voter integrity passed. Already, six of those “fleebaggers” have tested positive.

But — and this is important — long before a single White House staffer had contact with the Texas Typhoid Marys, everyone knew they’d flown in from Texas on a private jet without masks. The mask-free pictures were all over the Internet, and still — still! — White House staffers, including Her Vice Fraudulency Kamala Harris, attended a reception for them!

The result…?

Kamala ends up going to Water Reed hospital on Sunday (for what the White House claimed was a routine check-up. Uh, huh), and now there are “breakthrough cases” among the White House staff.

Thankfully, everyone’s vaccinated, so as far as we know, the cases are not severe, but what a blunder, what an avoidable blunder, what breathtaking incompetence, and most of all, what a perfect way to further damage your already failed crusade to increase vaccination rates.

Think about it…

What’s the big takeaway from this totally avoidable political disaster? Well, if you’re one of those refusing to get vaccinated, you’re feeling pretty smug right about now. After all, if the fully vaccinated, even in the White House, are still catching the coronavirus, what’s the point of getting vaccinated? Sure, you can tell the unvaccinated all day long that infections are proving to be much less severe and much less fatal thanks to the vaccine, but the unvaccinated already believe that if they catch it, it won’t be a big deal.

First, Biden spends much of the 2020 presidential campaign undermining confidence in the coronavirus vaccine. Then, after he’s fully vaccinated and allegedly wins the election, he runs around outdoors with a mask on (which again signals he still does not have confidence in the vaccine). Then, after his vaccination crusade fails, he scapegoats the political right for his own failures, and now the virus is galloping through his own staff.

Yeah, this is the guy in charge of the coronavirus fight.


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