Watch — Hasbro CRT Whistleblower: ‘This Was a Bigger Cause than Myself’

Matt Perdie / Breitbart News

Hasbro whistleblower David Johnson — who was suspended after going public about the company’s plans to implement Critical Race Theory into its products — told Breitbart News on Tuesday while his career has been harmed, he feels “this was a bigger cause than myself.”

“When I saw I had a meeting about Critical Race Theory in my schedule at work, I just thought I should record it,” said Johnson, who spoke to Breitbart News at Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit in Tampa, Florida.

The Hasbro whistleblower recently came forward to Project Veritas, and said he and other employees were forced to participate in a Critical Race Theory training that taught employees babies are, at worst, inherently racist, or at the best, prone to racist behavior.

“People need to know what’s happening with their children, especially if [Hasbro] is going to start pushing [Critical Race Theory] covertly,” Johnson said.

Johnson added teaching children “that they need to think about people’s race first and foremost,” and that they “need to judge people based on race” is “only going to lead to more racism and more discrimination.”

When asked why he decided to speak out about this now, Johnson said, “I’ve been seeing this kind of thing over six or seven years now, and I guess I just felt that at that moment, I was in the right time, at the right place that I could make a stand against this ideology.”

“And [I] just thought that even if something bad happens to me — I’ve been suspended from my job — I just thought that this was a bigger cause than myself,” Johnson affirmed.

Johnson added while it was scary to blow the whistle on Hasbro, “it’s not so scary that people can’t do it.”

“Surround yourself by good people who will support you, and they’ll have your back,” he said.

Johnson also advised other potential whistleblowers to record what they see inside their companies.

“If you’re inside one of these companies, and you’re thinking that you’re being discriminated against based on your ideology or based on your principles or values, record it,” he said.

“I think that’s just the best way for people to get the message out there, because it’s one thing to say, ‘I’m being discriminated against,’ but it’s am entirely other thing to be like, ‘Here’s video or here’s evidence that shows that these companies are treating people differently based on their principles and their ideologies,” Johnson added.

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