Larry Elder Rallies Beach Crowd in L.A. to Recall Gov. Gavin Newsom

Larry Elder at Will Rogers (Marc Ang / Event Organizer)
Larry Elder via Twitter

LOS ANGELES, California – Conservative talk show host and Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder addressed several hundred supporters at the Will Rogers State Beach on Saturday morning in opposition to Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), L.A. County District Attorney George Gascon, and local City Council member Mike Bonin.

Elder said that he would be an effective governor even with Democrats enjoying a supermajority in both houses of the state legislature, noting that the legislature had not overridden a governor’s veto since the early 1970s.

Elder said that he could be a check on the Democrats’ left-wing policies. “They pass something stupid, you go public, talk about why the bill was so stupid … and the constituents go, ‘What were you smoking?’, and then they don’t reintroduce the bull.”

(Video via Arthur Schaper / YouTube):

Elder said that Newsom had adopted draconian policies during the coronavirus pandemic, closing small businesses and keeping public schools closed — while dining at the French Laundry and sending his kids to private school.

He also opposed Newsom’s new vaccine mandate for state employees and healthcare workers, saying that while he himself had been vaccinated, the decision should remain up to individuals, and forcing people to be vaccinated did not make sense.

Elder also said that he would make school choice a priority to help “black and brown” students escape failing public schools. “If I’m lucky enough to become governor, I’m going to be pushing school choice,” he said, to applause.

He also slammed Newsom and the Democrats over the rise in urban crime. “Barbara Boxer, the former Senator, just got mugged in Oakland!” he said, noting that Democrats were continuing to cut funding to local police departments.

Newsom faces a recall vote on Sep. 14, and recent polls show support growing for removing him from office. Elder currently leads 43 contenders to replace Newsom, after defeating state officials’ effort to exclude him from the ballot.

Gascón faces a recall effort due to his radical policies of criminal justice “reform,” which include dropping the death penalty and removing sentence enhancements for the worst offenses, even amidst a growing wave of violent crime.

Local residents are also gathering signatures to recall Bonin over his perceived failure to deal with homelessness. Bonin has proposed erecting temporary homeless shelters at the parking lots of Will Rogers and other beaches.

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