20 Days Before Recall, Larry Elder’s Ex-fiancée Files Police Report About Alleged 2015 Incident


Alexandra Datig, the ex-fiancée of conservative talk radio host Larry Elder, filed a police report Wednesday in an effort to substantiate accusations she recently made against him in Politico as he challenges Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) in a recall.

The Los Angeles Times reported:

Larry Elder’s onetime fiancee said she filed a report with Los Angeles Police Wednesday over an incident six years ago in which she said Elder checked to see whether his gun was loaded during an argument about the couple’s breakup.

Alexandra Datig’s statement to police also included a new allegation — that Elder pushed her in 2014 during what she called a fit of “drug- induced anger.” She said Elder told her, “I don’t want you.”

Datig has opposed Elder in his campaign to replace Gov. Gavin Newsom in the California recall election. She said she filed the report because of Elder’s denial and the hostile reactions to her on social media that came after she went public with the claims last week.

Politico reported last Thursday that Datig claimed that Elder had “brandished” a gun at her. Elder denied the claim.

In a subsequent interview on KFI AM 640, Datig softened her claim, saying that he had merely shown her the gun.

He took out the .45 revolver — I have a picture of the gun because I’ve fired it at a shooting range — and he checked if, he opened the chamber to check if all the bullets were inside. The gun was always there, it was loaded. He wanted me to see that he was opening the chamber, and he closed it, and he put it back in the drawer. But he wanted to make sure that I saw it.

Datig also admitted, after questioning by the hosts, that the couple were not arguing at the time: “It was not a shouting match.” She still maintained that Elder was angry at that moment, but could not say why. “I just don’t even know.”

She went on to say that Elder was “not qualified to be governor of California,” and also cited his age. “I’m communicating that Larry Elder cannot serve in an official capacity and serve 39 milliion Californians at 69 years of age, where he can barely walk, and he’s a senior citizen.”

Newsom’s predecessor, Gov. Jerry Brown, served until he was over 80 years old.

She speculated that Elder might threaten or harm staff members in the governor’s office if he won the recall election.

The hosts commented after the interview ended that it seemed to have been “the Twilight Zone,” and that they had heard that Datig’s story had been turned down by other news outlets before being published by Politico last week.

Elder has led in most polls of potential replacements for Gov. Newsom. Polls also show Newsom in danger of removal.

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