Newt Gingrich: Now Is the Time to Whip ‘Big Government Socialists’

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich gives the keynote address during the Alfa Farmers Annual Meeting at the Convention Center in Montgomery, Ala., on Monday evening December 3, 2018. Farmers10
Mickey Welsh / Advertiser via USA Today Network

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich urged Republicans this week to take advantage of the excesses of the Democrats to rebrand them as “Big Government Socialists.”

Republicans currently enjoy a unique opportunity to show Americans just how far left the Democratic Party has swung, Gingrich observed in a September 13 essay.

“Every Democratic senator and representative has already voted for the outline of Senator Bernie Sanders’ $3.5 trillion Big Government Socialist bill,” he noted. “The test now is on the Republican side — Can they have a disciplined focus on defining the $3.5 trillion bill as Big Government Socialism?”

Conservatives need to remind Americans that when it mattered “there were no moderate Democrats,” Gingrich wrote. “The only Democrats serving in Congress were unanimously willing to vote for Big Government Socialism.”

According to the former Speaker, this is the kind of opportunity that “may come once in a lifetime.”

Washington Democrats have separated themselves further and further from their own moderates and from the rest of the country, he observed.

“Faced with this clear betrayal of their values, millions of grassroots Democrats will find themselves having to organize a moderate wing of the Democratic Party,” he added.

The $3.5 trillion bill vote is proof positive of the radicalization of the Democratic Party, something most Americans will find intolerable, he suggested.

Citing recent polls, Gingrich noted Americans in general favor Free Market Capitalism over Big Government Socialism by a massive margin (59 percent to 16 percent), while among swing voters, Free Market Capitalism is nearly five times more popular than Big Government Socialism (82 percent to 18 percent).

More than two-thirds of swing voters (69 percent) already believe that the $3.5 trillion bill “proves Big Government Socialists now define the Democratic Party,” he stated.

Calling the radical Democrats by their name is enough to permanently redefine them as “members of a repudiated value system,” Gingrich opined.

In the face of huge tax increases and enormous expansion of government, many Democrats will double down and “hope the wave of Pelosi-Schumer-Biden money will overcome the immense voter hostility to Big Government Socialism,” he added.

“The real test for the next month falls on Republicans and conservatives,” he contended, and their ability to effectively communicate to Americans that the $3.5 trillion bill marks current Democrats as Big Government Socialists.

Conservatives need to make it clear to Americans that “the old moderate Democratic Party has been replaced by a new radical party,” he insisted.


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