Exclusive: Elise Stefanik Demands Biden Protect Michigan Oil Pipeline, $20 Billion in Economic Output

US Republican Representative Elise Stefanik, listens during a press conference in the US C
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Republican Conference Chair Elise Stefanik (R-NY) on Wednesday demanded President Biden protect the Line 5 oil pipeline from closure in a letter exclusively obtained by Breitbart News.

Amid concerns the White House will side favorably with Indian tribes’ request to revoke the pipeline that transports 23 million gallons of oil per day from Canada to Wisconsin and Michigan, Stefanik exclusively told Breitbart News the pipeline closure would only double down on Biden’s “failed policies,” as oil prices soar.

“President Biden’s failed energy policy has created a crisis and Americans are paying more to heat their homes and fill up their cars,” Stefanik said in reference to Biden’s closure of the Keystone XL oil pipeline in January. “Now, Biden is doubling down on his failed policies.”

Despite the Indian tribes’ claims the Line 5 pipeline is an “existential threat” to their “treaty-protected rights” and resources, Stefanik told Breitbart News the United States has a longstanding energy agreement with Canada to allow oil to flow between the two North American countries. “Our relationship with the Canadians is critical to the North Country, Stefanik said, “and I will not back down from working to preserve this key relationship with our Canadian allies.”

In the demand letter addressed to Biden, Stefanik noted Biden’s policies have “already crippled the production capabilities of our domestic energy producers,” which has caused seven-year high gas prices. “Americans will pay upwards of 54 percent more in heating costs this winter than they did last year,” Stefanik said, citing the winter’s fuel outlook for 2021. “These prices continue to fuel inflation and impose a tax on every middle- and working-class America.”

Stefanik’s letter also addressed the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration’s data that revealed Line 5 has no “integrity concerns” to sway Biden’s study of the pipeline’s environmental deliberations. “The revocation of the Line 5 permits would only worsen this crisis, without any environmental benefit,” the congresswoman wrote, noting the pipeline that creates $20 billion in economic output.

Stefanik closed the letter by urging Biden to honor the Transit Pipelines Treaty of 1977 with Canada and to not violate the North American partnership. “Any action violating this treaty would only continue to exacerbate your current energy crisis and harm our centuries-old friendship with the Canadians,” Stefanik warned Biden. “It is critical you uphold our nation’s obligations.”

Stefanik’s letter comes as Wednesday’s gas price average across the nation hit $3.419, according to AAA. Instead of taking responsibility for American’s pain at the pump, the White House has blamed the soaring gas prices on OPEC while ignoring their energy policies. In January, Biden shutdown the western Keystone XL oil pipeline and then proceeded to green-light the Nord Stream 2 pipeline in Europe, which allows European states to purchase Russian energy over American.

Republican House Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) told Breitbart News exclusively on Tuesday that the president has not “learned his lesson following his disastrous decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline”

“Now after caving to far-left special interests in Glasgow, he wants to kill the Line 5 pipeline in Michigan, even after he green-lit the Nord Stream 2 pipeline for Russia,” Scalise stated.

Meanwhile, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) has already “revoked and terminated” the Line 5 pipeline’s easement and has ordered its closure by the spring. Whitmer has accused the pipeline of imposing an “unacceptable risk of a catastrophic oil spill in the Great Lakes that could devastate our economy and way of life,” she wrote in 2020. “That’s why we’re taking action now, and why I will continue to hold accountable anyone who threatens our Great Lakes and fresh water.”

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