Gas Prices 6 Cents Away from Breaking All-Time Record High

Jason Ventura prepares to pump gas into his vehicle, Friday, March 4, 2022, in Boston.
Michael Dwyer/AP

Gas prices are just six cents away from breaking the all-time record high of $4.11, set on July 17, 2008, according to AAA’s national average.

On Monday, the average price per gallon hit $4.065. Monday’s price was five cents more than Sunday’s. Over the course of last week, the price increased 45 cents (from $3.610).

Just one month ago, the price of gas was 62 cents less ($3.441) but still costly compared to previous years.

Last year’s average price of gas was $2.768, according to AAA, and has since increased more than a dollar ($1.297) under Joe Biden’s presidency.

The record could be broken by the end of the week, and gas may become far more expensive in the coming months. GasBuddy predicted the price of gas will reach $4.25 by May.

“GasBuddy expects that gasoline prices will continue to rise in the days ahead, and could be just days away from setting a new all-time record high and continuing to rise through summer,” the company stated.

The price of gas has continued to increase due to Biden’s refusal to allow America to be energy independent. As a result, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine has impacted the price Americans pay at the pump.

Biden’s response to Putin’s aggression is reportedly to purchase Venezuelan oil from dictator Nicolás Maduro. Instead of ramping up domestic oil supply, Venezuelan oil is likely perceived by Biden as a replacement for Russian oil.

Biden’s management of American energy has directly impacted Americans. Nearly one in three (30 percent) of Americans drove less in February, with the majority (57 percent) of those citing Biden’s high gas prices, according to a Morning Consult poll.

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