Nolte: Gaslight Fail as 64% Blame Biden’s Policies for Inflation

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The White House/media attempt to blame record inflation on the president of an entirely different country has failed.


What a shock.

According to the latest polling from Rasmussen, the absurd and desperate ploy to blame Russian President Vladimir Putin for America’s exploding inflation has resulted in a whopping 64 percent of likely voters blaming the policies of His Fraudulency Joe Biden.

When asked, “Have the policies of President Joe Biden’s administration increased inflation or reduced inflation?” Nearly two-thirds, 64 percent, said “increased,” while only eight percent said “decreased” — which makes you wonder who those people are.

Even a plurality of Democrats aren’t falling for the Putin ploy. A full 42 percent of Democrats said Biden’s policies increased inflation. The same is true for independents (64 percent) and Republicans (87 percent).

Black voters have also avoided the gaslight, with a plurality of 50 percent saying Biden’s policies increased inflation.

Rasmussen also asked, “How important will the issue of inflation be in this year’s congressional elections?” More than two-thirds, 67 percent, said it will be “very important,” while another 20 percent said “somewhat important.”

Only ten percent said “not very” (nine percent) or “not at all” (one percent) important.

A majority of black voters (56 percent) said “very important, as did 53 percent of Democrats and 66 percent of independents.

In all my years of watching politics, I have never seen anything as ham-handed, desperate, and tone-deaf as Biden and the White House attempting to blame Putin, specifically Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, for the record explosion of inflation and energy costs. The whole idea of it is absurd and transparently false. Inflation broke records and dominated the headlines nearly a year before Putin moved into Ukraine. Everyone knew that, but here’s the White House, here’s Slow Joe talking about “Putin’s Price Hike” as though the American people are just that stupid and gullible.

Even David Axelrod openly laughed at the Putin ploy.

Stuff like this is when you know a White House is cornered—when something as absurdly desperate as “Putin’s Price Hike” is launched. That’s also when you know the White House is out of ideas and knows it can count on billions of dollars in corporate media propaganda support to try and put a bald-faced lie over.

And, of course, the fake media were more than happy to come on board to sell the lie, which is another example of a media who no longer care about their journalistic integrity. Trying to sell the “Putin Price Hike” is the very definition of whoring out your credibility.

FILE - In this June 29, 2018, file photo, former Vice President Joe Biden speaks to the media in Cincinnati. Dick Harpootlian, a longtime fixture in South Carolina’s Democratic political circles announced Wednesday, Aug. 1, that he’s getting a campaign boost from one of the party’s top dogs. In an email to supporters, Harpootlian said that he is being supported by Biden in his special election quest for a state Senate seat in the Columbia area. (AP Photo/John Minchillo, File)

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The problem for Slow Joe and Democrats is that they are unwilling to do what’s needed to ease inflation. That’s their whole problem. The easiest and quickest way to alleviate inflation is to take immediate advantage of America’s abundant energy reserves. Energy prices affect all prices. If you can bring down the cost of energy, you can bring down the cost of everything. But these extremists, these Green Nuts, won’t do it. They’d prefer to import expensive oil from countries that hate us than dig, drill, and frack our own.

Oh, and it’s that kind of thinking, especially in Europe, that allowed Putin to invade Ukraine. So even if the invasion of Ukraine was responsible for inflation, inflation would still be the left’s fault.


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