Republican Registration Surges in Pennsylvania: ‘Warning Sign for Democrats’

BUTLER, PA - OCTOBER 31: Supporters listen as President Donald Trump speaks at a campaign
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Republicans in the battleground state of Pennsylvania are registering former Democrat voters four times the rate of Democrats making the reverse registration, according to a Reuters report. Thus, becoming “a warning sign for Democrats” as they fight to keep control of Congress.

Pennsylvania has become a crucial battleground state over the years and will host an important U.S. Senate race this November that could decide the majority in the upper chamber. Reuters reported that many voters who registered as Republicans were upset with inflation and violent crime.

“So far this year Republicans have converted four Democrats for every Republican who has switched to the Democratic Party, Reuters wrote about the data published by Pennsylvania’s Department of State.

The report notes that the Republicans are “on track to be the highest conversion rate in at least a decade and well above 2016, when Republicans took the White House, House of Representatives and Senate.”

In the Keystone state, Democrats currently have a registered voters advantage — four million Democrats to 3.4 million Republicans as of March 28. Still, the party’s edge continues to narrow and could be on track to be the smallest lead since 2005.

The report also noted that Republicans in other states like North Carolina had converted three Democrats for every one voter the other party has poached. In contrast, states like Florida and Nevada have registered Republicans as Democrats have declined in the states. Other states — such as New Hampshire and Arizona — have been able to remove “inactive voters” from the prospective state’s voter rolls.

The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), the House Republican-aligned group that supports its members and policies, drew attention to the Republican’s success in the state, having a large impact on vulnerable Democrats such as Rep. Susan Wild (D-PA) when they run for reelection.

“Voters are looking elsewhere for leadership because Susan Wild’s and Democrats’ toxic agenda has made life more difficult than ever for Pennsylvania families,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins.

Jacob Bliss is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter.


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