Exclusive — Dinesh D’Souza Alleges Latest Film Is ‘Smoking Gun’ on How Ballot Harvesting Manipulated the 2020 Election

Dinesh D'Souza
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Author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza talked about his upcoming film 2,000 Mules, which he alleged shows how the 2020 election was manipulated, in part, though the mass use of mail ballots and ballot harvesting, calling the discoveries a “smoking gun” during a Friday appearance on Breitbart News Daily.

The upcoming film details how paid operatives, or “mules,” allegedly trafficked ballots “typically in the middle of the night” to mail-in drop boxes.

FILE - In this July 7, 2020, file photo a woman wearing gloves drops off a mail-in ballot at a drop box in Hackensack, N.J. With the Trump administration openly trying to undermine mail-in voting this fall, some election officials around the country are hoping to bypass the Postal Service by installing lots of ballot drop boxes in libraries, community centers and other public places. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File)

In this July 7, 2020, file photo a woman wearing gloves drops off a mail-in ballot at a drop box in Hackensack, N.J., while holding others in her other hand. (Seth Wenig, File / AP)

According to D’Souza, they counted a minimum of 2,000, but he contends that there are “far more” than that.

He said that True the Vote, an election integrity group, obtained the data, and explained how.

“They bought geo tracking data in the five key states. We’re talking here about Arizona, we’re talking about Georgia, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania,” he said, noting that they “only bought the data in the urban cities.”

“And so this is a coordinated illegal operation,” he claimed. “Now for me as a moviemaker, what made this so thrilling is that you don’t just have the geo tracking data, but you have, at least in some states, video surveillance.”

“I think this is really why this movie poses such a problem, because we’re not just talking about anomalies,” he said, alleging that in the film you can see the ballot trafficking “with your naked eyes again and again and again.” He also claimed that they traced the money trail.

“Remember these mules aren’t coming up with their own ballots. They’re picking up their ballots at left-wing organizations that we call vote stash houses. That’s where they get the ballots and then they go dump them in the mail-in drop boxes,” D’Souza alleged.

These are all connected, he contended. “They’re going, by and large to a group — they’re going to NGOs, or ‘nonprofit organizations.’ These are deeply nested in these inner cities. These are the people that are sort of cultivating the ballots. They’re the ones that hire the mules,” he claimed, adding that True the Vote has a list of the organizations and also the cell phone IDs of the 2,000 mules.

“The idea is that the illegal ballots are curated at these left-wing organizations and then delivered by the mules in a coordinated … operation,” he alleged.

D’Souza added that this revelation, in his opinion, is a “smoking gun.”

“True the Vote has filed an official complaint with the state of Georgia, and the Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, has opened up an investigation and said publicly it’s specifically in response to the geo tracking data and reports filed by True the Vote. Now this is a very tricky situation because, of course, Raffensperger is the exact same guy who was on TV right after the election [saying], ‘This is a very secure election,'” he continued. D’Souza clarified that ballot harvesting is legal, to some extent, in some states. However, that does not change the revelations found in the movie.

“Now the most liberal laws are in places like California and Hawaii where you can literally give anyone your ballot and say, hey, you go drop it off for me. In Georgia, by contrast, you can only give your ballot to a family member, or if you’re sick or confined, to a caregiver, that’s it,” he said.

“But here’s the point: In no state is it legal to pay a mule or anyone else to deliver a ballot. Once money changes hands, once money appears in the process, the ballot is contaminated,” he contended.

“And so even if it were — these aren’t legal ballots — but let’s say they were, [that] there was a legal ballot. Once you pay a mule, by and large, that ballot is rendered invalid,” he claimed, adding that he believes that “everything we’re covering in this movie is illegal.”



D’Souza claimed that from the 2,000 mules alone, there were “close to half a million votes.”

“It’s really a criminal network operating on behalf of the Democratic Party,” he alleged.

The film’s virtual premiere is May 7.

Update: This story and headline has been updated to make clear that the contentions and allegations about the 2020 election are those of the “2,000 Mules” filmmakers.


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