Joe Biden Takes Juneteenth Off at the Beach as Part of a Four-Day Weekend

President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden walk from Marine One upon arrival in Rehobot
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

President Joe Biden took Monday off for the recently created Juneteenth federal holiday, remaining at his beach house in Delaware for the fourth day away from the White House.

The president had nothing on his public schedule on Monday to recognize the federal holiday that he signed into law in 2021.

Instead, on Monday morning the White House sent out a prerecorded video of Biden acknowledging the holiday.

“It mattered to me and it matters to the country,” Biden said in his video, calling it a “day of profound weight and power.”

“It’s simply not enough to commemorate Juneteenth, for emancipation did not mark the end of America’s work to deliver the promise of equality; it only marked the beginning,” he continued.

The president left Friday morning for his beach house, spending the weekend there and making headlines Saturday after falling off of his bicycle in public.

Nikki Schwab / Daily Mail

After attending Mass Saturday evening he hopped up and down in front of the press pretending to jump rope to demonstrate publicly that he was physically well after the mishap.


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