Hunter Biden’s ‘Pedo Peter’ Contact Alias Is Natalie Biden’s, Daughter of Late Brother Beau

US President Joe Biden (2R) walks down the street to St. Mary, Our Lady of the Isle Cathol
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The phone number associated with Hunter Biden’s “Pedo Peter” contact, found on the first son’s iCloud account, is Natalie Biden’s, Breitbart News has learned.

There does not appear to be any explanation for the “Pedo Peter” monicker.

Natalie, 17, is one of President Joe Biden’s seven grandchildren. Natalie is Hunter’s niece and the daughter of his late brother Beau and wife Hallie, with whom Hunter was romantically involved after Beau’s death.

Natalie is most well-known for her videos on the Chinese-controlled Tiktok platform. According to the platform, Natalie has 101.8 million views on her videos.

The “Pedo Peter” phone number was previously thought to be from Hunter’s iPhone, but Breitbart News’s forensic analysis of Hunter’s digital footprint shows the contact alias is from Hunter’s iPad, which appears to belong to Joe Biden’s grandchild named Hunter. Joe Biden’s grandchild named Hunter is the son of Hallie.

“I’m going to the boys b-ball game instead of practice because my teeth hurt so bad :sob: so that you don’t haft to pick me up at 3:00,” a text from the grandchild’s iPad reads to a contact named, “mom.” The contact name “mom” matches the phone number of Hallie.

Joe Biden’s contact alias listed on the same iPad device is “Pop Biden,” the iCloud backup shows. Speculation had previously alleged the “Pedo Peter” contact alias referred to Joe Biden.

The “Pedo Peter” contact alias first made headlines from a reported hack by 4chan users into Hunter Biden’s personal iCloud account on Sunday. Screenshots of the leaked data from the iCloud revealed unverified imagines of illicit activities with prostitutes and drug possession.

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