Exclusive – Missouri GOP Senate Candidate Eric Greitens: ‘Eric Schmitt Is a RINO’

In this May 17, 2018, photo, Missouri Gov. Eric Greitens stands off to the side before stepping up to the podium to deliver remarks to a small group of supporters near the capitol announcing the release of funds for the state's biodiesel program in Jefferson City, Mo. A St. Louis …
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Former Gov. Eric Greitens (R-MO) appeared on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Saturday and blasted Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt – his opponent in the Show Me State’s Republican primary for U.S. Senate – as a “RINO” following revelations that Rep. Liz Cheney-donor Sam Fox’s company, the Harbour Group, has dumped $100,000 into a pro-Schmitt Super PAC, while Fox’s son has contributed the maximum amount allowed under Federal Election Commission limits to Schmitt’s campaign.

Sam Fox, a very wealthy Missouri businessman and U.S. ambassador during former President George W. Bush’s administration, has previously donated to politicians such as Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) and Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) – the architect of the Democrat-friendly gun control bill, as Breitbart News reported Friday. Additionally, Sam Fox has contributed to impeachment supporters Sen. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Rep. John Katko (R-NY).

Greitens is an anti-establishment candidate whom the donor class – which buys and pays for politicians – despises for his individualism and allegiance to the America First movement. In fact, a rallying cry around Greitens’s campaign has been his opposition to establishment Republicans like GOP Senate leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY), who the former governor said he would vote out of leadership.

“I was the first guy in the country to say I am voting against Mitch McConnell because we need new America First leadership in the U.S. Senate,” he told Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle. “All of my opponents have said that they’re supporting Mitch McConnell. I am a MAGA candiate, I support President Trump.”

“We’ve got Kimberly Guilfoyle on our team, Donald Trump Jr., Rudy Giuliani, Seb Gorka, Dennis Prager, we’ve got folks like Matt Gaetz,” he continued. “All of President Trump’s true fighters are on my team. By contrast, what you have on Eric Schmitt’s team, for example, is you got $10 million in Mitch McConnell money, coming to him from folks like Sam Fox, who is a massive Never Trumper. So, they tried to fool the people of Missouri, but the people of Missouri, just like Patriots across the country, are smart; we see through their lies, and this race is MAGA Eric Greitens versus McConnell, represented by the RINOs.”

Boyle honed in on Schmitt’s donations from Jeff Fox, as well as the Harbour Group’s six-figure contribution to Save Missouri Values, a pro-Schmitt Super PAC.  

“I think that goes to show you, because Schmitt is taking all of this money from these people, that he is going to be beholden to them if he wins, can you explain that for us?” he asked Greitens. “Because that’s who his paymasters are, so when he goes out there and tries to claim that he’s a MAGA guy or a Trump guy or something like that, he’s not because he doesn’t owe Trump people anything, he doesn’t owe the base anything; he owes these donors his position.”

“It’s very simple. RINOs are sellouts, and Eric Schmitt is a RINO,” Greitens responded. “He’s taking this money from people who are funding Liz Cheney, funding Liz Cheney and all of her attacks against President Trump. And these guys, the Fox’s, have gone after President Trump for years, and they’re some of the biggest donors now who are supporting Mitch McConnell’s lie.”

“So everybody sees through this – great reporting from Breitbart. Now the truth is out; it’s been completely exposed that these are the people who are funding Eric Schmitt,” he continued. “It is the RINO class, it is the Never Trumpers, it is the people who love Liz Cheney, it is the people who are behind stabbing President Trump in the back. So you have Eric Schmitt tied up with all of these Never Trumpers, and again what people see is that RINOs are sellouts, I’m the MAGA candidate, and I’m running against RINOs.”


Breitbart · Eric Greitens – July 30, 2022

The race has turned into one of the most intense Republican Party proxy wars in the country this mid-term election cycle, with the establishment backing a candidate like Schmitt while going full bore in its attempted takedown of Greitens. One of the major establishment talking points is derived from a drummed-up narrative that Greitens is a liability to lose the general election to Democrats, which has been debunked by third-party analysts, including FiveThirtyEight and Decision Desk. 

“Look, the RINOs are lying, and the RINO lie you won’t be… surprised… is: ‘We need a RINO to win.’ The fact is I am a MAGA candidate, and Missouri is a pro-Trump state,” he explained. “Missouri is an America First state, and you look quantitatively, Matt – it’s not just what you see in your gut with all of these folks coming out supporting President Trump, supporting Eric Greitens, supporting the America First movement – quantitatively, you look at neutral observers – folks like Decision Desk, FiveThirtyEight – they’ve come out with a general election analysis which says ‘Eric Greitens is the overwhelming favorite to win the general election. He’s going to win 97 out of 100 iterations.’ So the RINO lie has been completely blown out of the water.”

“It’s blown out of the water by the Patriotism and the fervor of the people of Missouri, it’s blown out of the water by the numbers, and that’s essentially what the RINOs have been reduced to,” the former governor added. “The RINOs have been reduced to false allegations, fake polls, and lots of lies, but the good news is patriots around Missouri are on to it. They’ve watched the Trump Russia collusion hoax, they’ve watched the lies about the origins of Coronavirus, they’ve watched the lies about Hunter Biden’s laptop, they saw the lies against me when George Soros attacked me, so the people of Missouri know the truth, which is that I’m the MAGA fighter and I’m running against these RINOs. Absolutely, we’re going to win on Tuesday, and we’re going to win the general election.”

A number of polls have come to light in recent days, including one that shows Greitens in the driver’s seat, and another shows Schmitt – whose ties to a radical leftist former state senator, who called for Trump’s assassination in 2017, have recently been exposed – leading, with Greitens in third place. However, as Boyle pointed out, “they’re all wildly different from each other.” One such poll shows Rep. Vicky Hartzler – another candidate in the race – in second place above Greitens, which comes weeks after Trump announced that he would not be endorsing her and told voters they “can forget about” her in the race. 

“The fact is there ain’t nobody in Missouri who believes that after President Trump came out and said Vicky Hartzler does not have the stomach to stand up to the left, to stand up to the mainstream media and the RINOs, and somehow she rose in the polls, it’s absolutely false and it is fake,” Greitens said. “And anybody who has even a basic understanding of mathematics, statistics, polling, standard deviations knows that these are complete nonsense, but this is what the RINOs have been reduced to. They’re reduced to the fake polls, and just like they did all of the fake polls against President Trump in 2020, – one of the reasons why they do this is they work with their allies on TV and in the media because they’re trying to discourage MAGA voters.”

“What I can tell you on the ground is that our MAGA voters are fired up, our America First voters are fired up,” he continued. “They’re working the phones; they’re working the text messages; some of them have already voted absentee. Others are going to make sure that they, and their friends and family, get out to vote for Eric Greitens on August the 2, this coming Tuesday. So the fact is, people have seen through all of their nonsense and all of their lies, and yes, as you pointed out, Matt, anyone who has even the most basic understanding of statistics and mathematics recognizes that these fake polls cannot exist in the same honest universe. They are complete nonsense. People have seen through it.”

Greitens referenced an internal survey from his campaign that showed him leading the pack as of Thursday night. 

“By contrast, there is an organization that actually did a survey – and to be very clear, it was a survey, it wasn’t a poll – spoke to over 100,000 Republican Missouri primary voters, and they were very clear that ‘Eric Greitens is dominating this race, he’s in the lead.’ So the good news in a couple of days on Tuesday, the only thing that’s going to matter are the votes of the people, and people are coming out to vote MAGA, they’re coming out to vote Trump, they’re coming out to support Eric Greitens.”


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