Exclusive – AZ Republican Blake Masters Calls Out Democrat Mark Kelly’s Border ‘B.S.’: ‘He Deserves to Lose’

PHOENIX, ARIZONA - AUGUST 01: Republican U.S. senatorial candidate Blake Masters speaks at a campaign event on the eve of the primary, also attended by gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake at the Duce bar on August 01, 2022 in Phoenix, Arizona. Masters, who has the blessing of former President Donald Trump, …
Brandon Bell/Getty Images

PHOENIX, AZ – Arizona’s Republican nominee for U.S. Senate, Blake Masters, spoke with Breitbart News following a town hall event in Phoenix Monday evening and called out his opponent, Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), for his blatant hypocrisy on border security.

Masters sat down for an exclusive interview following the town hall with Republican gubernatorial nominee Kari Lake at Bobby-Q BBQ Restaurant and Steakhouse, south of North Mountain Village. During a debate between Kelly and Masters last week, the Democrat claimed that he’s “been focused on the border since day one” and has “stood up to Democrats,” including President Joe Biden, on border security, though his voting record shows different.

“Mark Kelly’s tack here is to try to say, ‘Oh, I’m just a bystander,’ said Masters. “He had some BS line [during the debate] that was like, ‘When Biden did something boneheaded, I told him.’ And I’m like, ‘What – you gave him a scolding in the Oval Office?’ First of all, it didn’t happen. Second of all, then you just vote in support of his policies.”

He’s not “an innocent bystander in this; It’s not like he doesn’t have a say, and in a 50-50 deadlock Senate, his vote is incredibly powerful,” the surging Republican continued. “Biden literally needed Mark Kelly’s vote to achieve anything on his agenda. And so Mark Kelly could have stood up, he could have dug in and actually fought for border security, and he didn’t.”

Masters referenced an interview Kelly did a few weeks ago with News 12, in which he appeared to be caught off guard when asked if he’s considered using his vote in the senate in a fashion similar to Sen. Krysten Sinema (D-AZ), who has notably opposed her party’s view on legislation, including on the Build Back Better Act last year.

“And actually, a really liberal journalist in Arizona, Brahm Resnik, recently asked Mark Kelly that awkward question… it was, ‘Hey, Senator, haven’t you thought of like using your power to really go and fight for some things like Sinema, like really dig in?'” Masters said. “And Mark Kelly made this gaffe, although it wasn’t a gaffe because he was telling the truth. He realized, ‘Oh, crap. That’s bad for me.’ But he started to say, ‘Well, hey, I’m not in the business of holding up legis-‘ and then he paused because he realized what he was saying.”

Masters said that Kelly’s words translate to: “I’m not in the business of actually having any independence of mind and fighting for my constituents. No, I’m a rubber stamp for Chuck Schumer, Joe Biden.'”

“And he’s truly not in the business of working for Arizonans,” Masters added. “He’s not in the business of exercising any independent judgment or fighting for what he thinks is right. He’s in the business of rubber-stamping, whatever Chuck Schumer and Joe Biden say, and the result is a wide-open border, double-digit crime increases, double-digit inflation, and it’s crushing families in Arizona. That’s why he deserves to lose.


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