Fairfax County Schools Seek ‘Gender Combined,’ ‘Inclusive’ Sex Ed Standards

surasaki/Getty Images

Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools is looking to “revise” its sexual education standards to become “gender combined” and use more “inclusive” language.

Proposed “Family Life Education Instruction Materials” seeks gender inclusivity but does make some carve-outs for students who were “assigned male” at birth.

Those students — boys — will not review the instructive “Janet’s Got Her Period” or receive explicit instruction on the use of menstrual products.

Despite that, the sixth-grade section of proposed changes appears more ambiguous as to whether boys will receive instruction on menstrual products.

Indeed, the proposed “objective” language is changed from “girls only review the use and proper disposal of personal hygiene products” to “The use and proper disposal of menstrual products will be reviewed.”

Another proposed update is to remove a testicular self-exam instruction video from the tenth-grade curriculum and combine genders for the entirety of that grade’s sexual education. According to the website, all students will still receive instruction on testicular self-exam and breast cancer self-exam.

Changes to fourth through sixth grade include proposals to “support gender combined instruction” by removing the phrase “gender separate” from all sexual education objectives as well as “remov[ing] language that indicated instruction in puberty lessons that would currently only happen for girls or boys.”

The changes are currently open for a public comment period that closes December 1.

Breccan F. Thies is a reporter for Breitbart News. You can follow him on Twitter @BreccanFThies.


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