Report: Jill Biden Now ‘All In’ for Joe Biden Reelection Campaign

NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP via Getty Images

First Lady Jill Biden is now fully supportive of her husband President Joe Biden running for reelection in 2024, according to a report.

CNN cites “seven people familiar” with the first lady’s thinking who say she’s “all in” for another campaign, despite being skeptical of the idea earlier this year.

The latest report aligns with an earlier report from the New York Times that Jill Biden enthusiastically said she was ready for her husband to run again while speaking with French President Emmanuel Macron at the White House state dinner last week. Macron reacted to the news by raising a glass and toasting to the 2024 campaign with the Bidens.

The Biden family is expected to discuss Joe’s political future over the Christmas holiday, which they plan to celebrate at the White House.

“This is ultimately a family decision,” Biden said during a press conference in November. “I think everybody wants me to run, but we’re going to have discussions about it. And I don’t feel in any a hurry one way or another.”

The president has told reporters he would make his final decision about running for reelection at the beginning of 2023.

But so far there has been zero indication that Biden might be willing to step aside for new leadership in the Democrat party.

Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain said last week he expects Biden to run again.

“I expect it shortly after the holidays,” he said during a Wall Street Journal summit. “But I expect the decision will be to do it.”

It appears Biden is ready to run, barring a major health issue that would prevent him from doing so.

The president has privately flashed annoyance at media questions about his age but publicly tries to demonstrate his willingness to keep going.

“I no more think of myself as being as old as I am than fly,” he said in an interview with CBS 60 Minutes in September.

“I mean, it’s just not– I haven’t– observed anything in terms of– there’s not things I don’t do now that I did before, whether it’s physical, or mental, or anything else,” he added.



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