NYC Mayor Tries to Convince Migrants to Trade Swanky Hotel for City Shelter: ‘Even the Snacks are Healthy!’


New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is pleading with border crossers, who are refusing to leave the Watson Hotel in Manhattan where they were initially placed for free, to relocate to the city’s mega-shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Last week, as Breitbart News reported, city officials sought to move single male adult border crossers out of the Watson Hotel in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood where Adams’ administration had initially placed them as part of his migrant hotels plan.

Instead, though, many of the border crossers are still refusing to leave the Watson Hotel and are camping outside on the sidewalks to protest the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, which they claim is inadequate.

In a video message alongside an economic migrant from Venezuela, Adams is pleading with border crossers to leave the Watson Hotel and relocate to the mega-shelter — seeking to entice them with healthy food options and warm rooms.

“I just had to come here when I started hearing all the rumors about it was too cold — my brother got on shorts, it’s warm inside — about the food not being there,” Adams said. “You know healthy food is present. Even the snacks are healthy. We just need to stop the anxiety.”

“When I spoke to the men who are here, they shared the same energy — ‘We want to come here, we want to work, we want to pursue the American dream. We’re thankful to the people of New York City.’ I heard that over and over again,” Adams continued.

Wilson, an economic migrant from Venezuela who seemingly has no valid claim to asylum, said the goal of migrants arriving is “to work and get ahead … for ourselves.” Seeking a job, though, is not a legitimate claim for asylum in the United States.

As nearly 50,000 border crossers have been bused to New York City, a sanctuary jurisdiction, since the spring of last year, Adams has recently called on President Joe Biden to “fairly distribute” illegal immigration across the U.S.

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