Exclusive: Anti-Woke Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy Unveils 25 Policy Visions with ‘America First 2.0’ Plan

Vivek Ramaswamy speaking with attendees at the 2022 AmericaFest at the Phoenix Convention
Gage Skidmore

Anti-woke Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s campaign exclusively shared his bold 25-point “America First 2.0” policy platform with Breitbart News.

Ramaswamy, a 37-year-old entrepreneur who has founded multiple successful biotech companies, has a vision organized into five over-arching themes, with five policy positions tied to each. 

The first theme is “Revive American National Identity,” which has been a central focus of Ramaswamy’s since the moment he announced his candidacy two months ago and began his move onto the broader public stage.

To accomplish this, he is committed to five actions reaching across a number of political issues, including mobilizing the U.S. military to safeguard the southern border, bringing an end to affirmative action, and ending Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) “Indoctrination.” 

It reads: 

  • Use the military, including drones, to secure our southern border
  • End affirmative action: repeal Lyndon Johnson’s executive order 11246
  • Protect American children: ban addictive social media under age 16 & gender confusion “care” for minors
  • Make political expression a civil right & end unlawful DEI indoctrination
  • Withhold federal funding for cities that refuse to protect Americans from violent crime

Secondly, Ramaswamy seeks to “Unleash the American Economy” if elected president with the specific goal of fostering a five percent annual gross domestic product (GDP) growth. He sees energy production, trade school incentives, and comprehensive deregulation as some of the key vehicles to achieve a dominant American economy: 

  • Drill, frack & burn coal: abandon the climate cult & unshackle nuclear energy
  • Put Americans back to work: dismantle Lyndon Johnson’s failed “Great Society”
  • Incentivize trade schools over hollow college degrees (sorry, gender studies majors) 
  • Launch deregulatory “Reagan 2.0” revolution: cut >75% headcount amongst U.S. regulators
  • Limit the U.S. Fed’s scope: stabilize the dollar & nothing more

Another aspect of Ramaswamy’s policy vision is to “Declare Independence from Communist China.” He intends to “hold the CCP [Chinese Communist Party] accountable for Covid-19,” in addition to getting tough on China in other regards, like a freeze on U.S. business expansion in the country and ending the CCP’s campaign of purchasing American land:

  • Hold the CCP accountable for Covid-19: use all financial levers
  • Achieve semiconductor independence: secure our modern way of life
  • Stop CCP affiliates from buying American land
  • Use our military to annihilate Mexican drug cartels: defend against the CCP’s opium war
  • Ban U.S. businesses from expanding in China until the CCP stops cheating

The fourth facet of Ramaswamy’s plan entails the dismantling of “Managerial Bureaucracy” within the executive branch. He holds bold aims to shut down “toxic government agencies,” naming the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Education, and Internal Revenue Service as a few examples. The policy platform only begins there, as he envisions term limits for “bureaucrats,” the end of labor unions for federal workers, and the end of agencies creating their own budget proposals:

  • Shut down toxic government agencies: Dept of Education, FBI, IRS, and more (and rebuild from scratch when required)
  • End civil service protections for bureaucrats: 8-year term limits instead
  • Eliminate federal employee unions: repeal JFK’s executive order 10988
  • Move >75% of federal employees out of Washington D.C. & end pro-lazy “remote work” option
  • Cut wasteful expenditures: White House, not individual agencies, will submit budget requests to Congress

The final central theme of Ramaswamy’s policy platform is to end the “Weaponization of Government & Financial Markets” with a promise to pardon “defendants of politicized prosecutions.”

Former President Donald Trump, who was arrested last week on an indictment that Ramaswamy says was “politically motivated,” is listed as one such individual, as well as Ricky Mackey, who was convicted two weeks ago of “election interference in the 2016 presidential race after posting a satirical meme on Twitter,” as Breitbart News’s Alana Mastrangelo reported.

Vivek Ramaswamy / Twitter

From there, Ramaswamy envisions holding Congress to account over its “’hush money’ fund” – which has shelled out millions in workplace settlements to staffers – and making public disgraced late financier Jeffrey Epstein’s client list.  

Moreover, he vows to reverse President Joe Biden’s Environmental Social and Governance investing rule, which gives fund managers the freedom to consider left-wing causes like climate change when choosing retirement investments. He also pledges to oppose Central Bank Digitalized Currencies (CBDCs) vehemently: 

  • Pardon defendants of politicized prosecutions: Trump, Mackey, and peaceful Jan 6 protesters 
  • Hold Congress accountable for “hush money” fund: taxpayers should not subsidize sexual misconduct
  • Publish the Jeffrey Epstein client list: government should not use police power to shield select elites
  • Rescind Biden’s ESG rule for retirement funds: get politics out of corporate America and capital markets
  • Oppose CBDCs: fight all plans for digital currency, a dangerous scheme for government control over our bank accounts

Ramaswamy blitzed the campaign trail in New Hampshire on Thursday with a ten-county bus tour that will spill into next week. 


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