Hunter Biden: IRS Whistleblower’s Claims Are a ‘Felony’ 

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Hunter Biden’s legal defense on Thursday argued it is a “felony” for an IRS whistleblower to reveal that two Biden administration political appointees within the Department of Justice (DOJ) allegedly blocked charges against Hunter for tax violations despite recommendations.

Hunter’s attorney, Chris Clark, said in a statement that “[i]t appears this IRS agent has committed a crime” by asking lawmakers for whistleblower protections to reveal allegations of deep politicization within the DOJ.

Clark, a high-profile attorney who leads Hunter’s criminal defense, said it’s improper because “it is a felony for an IRS agent to improperly disclose information about an ongoing tax investigation.”

“The IRS has incredible power, and abusing that power by targeting, embarrassing, or disclosing information about a private citizen’s tax matters undermines Americans’ faith in the federal government,” Clark said.

But not all legal minds agree with Clark. Mike Davis, founder and president of the pro-Trump Article III Project and former Chief Counsel for Nominations to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley, told Breitbart News that Hunter is very afraid of being exposed by the whistleblower:

“Hunter Biden is clearly terrified that a nonpolitical career civil servant is exposing a senior Biden political appointee’s obstruction of federal investigations into the Bidens’ corrupt and illegal foreign dealings,” he said. “The evidence is clearer by the day that Hunter Biden was the bag man for his father, and the President of the United States is compromised. Hunter Biden should put down his crack pipe and do his research before having his fancy New York City attorney threaten a federal whistleblower with retaliation for simply doing his job.”

“The Biden administration should also understand it will incur the wrath of Senator Chuck Grassley, a decades-long champion of whistleblowers, if it even thinks about retaliating against the Biden whistleblower,” he added.

On Wednesday, an IRS whistleblower alleged two Biden administration political appointees within the Justice Department are working to block charges against Hunter for tax violations.

Federal prosecutors reportedly considered charging Hunter over a year ago for three tax crimes and one gun crime. For months, Trump-appointed U.S. prosecutor David Weiss has been weighing if there is sufficient evidence for the grand jury to indict him. But no charges have been forthcoming.

In addition, the IRS whistleblower also alleged that Attorney General Merrick Garland denied Weiss’s request to be named as special counsel in the probe to provide a degree of separation between the probe and Joe Biden.

According to the New York Post, “Garland is the unnamed official whose sworn testimony before Congress is being challenged in a bombshell letter from an IRS whistleblower’s attorney.” The whistleblower’s attorney said his client can “contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee” — Garland. In March, Garland insisted Weiss has the authority to bring charges against Hunter but noted he would personally have to authorize any potential charges.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told Breitbart News Thursday that both Joe Biden and Garland are culpable for the alleged abuse.

“Under President Biden and Attorney General Garland, America is not equally applying justice and the rule of law. They are both equally culpable and responsible for abuse alleged by the IRS whistleblower,” he said.

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