Focus Group — Voters Share Negative Emotions About Joe Biden: ‘Panicked,’ ‘Concern,’ ‘Worry’ 

US President Joe Biden arrives for a bilateral meeting with Fumio Kishida, Japan's pr
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Nearly all swing state voters experienced negative emotions toward President Joe Biden when they viewed footage of him in a recent focus group, describing their feelings as sad, concerned, worried, and panicked.

Published Monday, a Washington Post-backed focus group by the research firms Engagious and Sago offered terrible assessments of Biden’s physical abilities and mental health during his stint as president of the United States.

Many of the swing state voters called the 80-year-old president “too old” and speculated about if he has dementia.

In February, Biden refused to disclose to lawmakers if he took a cognitive test upon releasing a physical assessment. The assessment found that Biden suffers from neuropathy in feet and atrial fibrillation, among other ailments.

Three in four Democrats are worried about Biden’s health and mental acuity, with 50 percent being either “very” or “somewhat” concerned and 26 percent being “slightly” concerned, recent polling in May found.

The focus group also revealed that voters are worried about Biden’s systemic inflation and gave the president very poor marks for his management of the economy:

In addition to their disdain for their options, the gathered voters also shared significant economic concerns, particularly around inflation, but were divided on how much they blamed Biden. None rated the nation’s economy as excellent. The only one who said “good” qualified the claim by adding “you’ve have to compare the problems to other developed countries.” The rest rated the economy as “fair” or “poor.”

“They said the unemployment is low,” explained Sooraj, 32, who works at a post office in Georgia. “The jobs that are being listed, but the amount they are paying, like $7 or $8, is not enough for people.”

Biden’s 40-year-high inflation, on average, cost American households an extra $5,200 last year, or $433 per month, according to Bloomberg.

Seventy-six percent said Biden’s economy is in bad or poor shape, a recent YouGov survey found. Just 17 percent said it is in good or excellent condition. Sixty-four percent disapproved of Biden’s handling of jobs and the economy. Just 22 percent approved.

An April poll found nearly three-quarters of U.S. adult residents believe Biden’s America is out of control.

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