Matthews: Trump’s Concession Speech Will Be ‘in the Form of a Trial’

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Tuesday on “Morning Joe” said he believed former President Donald Trump’s 2020 “concession speech” will be “on television in the form of a trial.”

Matthews said, “You know, our great pride is that we’ve had clean elections. We’ve had people who conceded defeat at the end of them. In fact, in the entire age of television, going back to Adlai Stevenson when we first got TVs at home, the defeated candidate went on television and said he lost, or she lost with Hillary Clinton.”

He continued, “That’s why we need this trial in court. You can call Jack Smith deranged, make fun of him the way you did of Jeb Bush or Marco Rubio, and treat him like a clown act, but once this guy is in court with you and basically has the law on his side and operates with procedure, you’re going to look like the bad guy. The beauty of this is we’re going to have a concession speech basically on television in the form of a trial. I think that’s something Trump is scared to death of, where he sits in the defendant’s booth, in that desk, and he has to act like a defendant in a criminal case.”

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