Report: Only 3% of Americans Received Annual Coronavirus Shot

A health worker administers a dose of a Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine during a vaccination clini
AP Photo/Matt Rourke

A report shows that only three percent of Americans have received their annual coronavirus shot despite the Biden administration’s insistence that the CDC is now “on track” to match last year’s numbers.

As noted by Politico, even if the Biden administration were to match last year’s coronavirus shot numbers, it would only equal “17 percent of the U.S. population.”

“So far, 12 million people, or about 3.6 percent of the population, have gotten the shot in the five weeks since it hit pharmacy shelves — though reporting lags mean it’s likely a bit higher, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Director Mandy Cohen said,” noted the outlet.

Cohen added that more people, about 16 million, have received their annual flu shot as opposed to their coronavirus shot, most likely due to it being a long-term routine. That said, Cohen still expressed confidence that the CDC will meet its goal.

“What I would say about that number is, just like the process, it’s different,” said Cohen. “We don’t have the same level of visibility. When you don’t purchase and distribute, you also aren’t getting the same real-time information about who’s vaccinated. The number is really just a number that our pharmacy partners share with us voluntarily.”

“Is 12 million what you were expecting at this point?” asked Politico.

“I think we’re on track. Would I love to see more? Of course, that’s my job as CDC director is to want more,” responded Cohen. “Look, I want as many people vaccinated as possible. I certainly want to make sure that we’re getting to our over 65 population.”

Cohen said she would still like to see higher than last year’s 17 percent.

“I think there’s a lot of folks that say ‘I got the original ones. Aren’t we done here?’ Or ‘I’ve had Covid, aren’t I protected?’” she said.

“I’m trying to help them understand two important facts: One is that the virus has changed. And this updated vaccine is mapped to those changes in the virus. And then the other fact is we’re seeing in the data that your protection from either a previous vaccine or from having Covid before decreases over time,” she added.

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